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Apple Officially Launches Apple Arcade Game Subscription Service

Apple officially cut the ribbon for its new game subscription service Thursday: Priced $4.99 per month, Apple Arcade offers unlimited access to over 100 exclusive games. Apple Arcade was released alongside iOS 13, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. – Janko Roettgers, Variety » https://trib.al/VliaVab [photo:Apple]

Samsung fined $5.7 million for slowing down phones, Apple style

A watchdog group called the Italian Authority for Market and Competition just issued South Korean electronics giant Samsung a fine for 5 million euros (~$5.7 million), via SamMobile. The cash penalty is due to the “Samsung slow down,” i.e., the phenomenon of smartphones dropping in performance after receiving new updates. – C. Scott Brown, Android Authority https://trib.al/rvYXi9f

mNectar’s new Spectra streaming network turns ads into playable games

mNectar came up with unique way to get players to view ads on mobile by creating playable segments of games that could be streamed directly to users. No downloads were necessary just to try out a game. Now mNectar is announcing Spectra, a cross-platform app-streaming network. […] More than 200 mobile games currently use the Spectra platform, which has streamed millions of playable ads already. As of today, mNectar’s Spectra technology can stream the entire app library of the mobile ecosystem, including Google Play and Apple App Store, giving users the opportunity to sample far beyond their current portfolio. Because of the problems associated with downloads, users install around 10 apps a month but end up deleting 90 percent of them, [CEO Wally Nguyen] said. – Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat

Music streaming players Spotify and Pandora look to turn media buying conversations from radio…

New data from comScore, measured across Australian users’ desktops and mobiles, shows global giant Spotify as the biggest service locally with 2.985m “unique monthly visitors” for December. German audio distribution platform SoundCloud is second with 2.059m and internet radio service Pandora third with at 976,000, while internet radio app TuneIn and iHeartRadio are at 484,000 and 468,000, respectively. – Nic Christensen, mUmBRELLA

How To Watch Super Bowl 50 Online On Computer, Tablet Or Streaming Devices

CBS will telecast the 50th edition of Super Bowl live on TV. However, there will be many football fans who would want to watch the football game on their computer, tablet or streaming device. […] Customers will be able to watch the game live via the CBS Sports app on Roku, Windows 10, Xbox One and Apple TV. Live action of the Super Bowl 50 will be available on CBS Sports’ website. CBS subscribers as well as non-subscribers will be able to watch the game for free online. – Sumit Passary, Tech Times

T-Mobile Says Binge On Customers Are Streaming Twice As Much Video, Adds Amazon Video Support


Today, T-Mobile added support for a few streaming services that were notably missing from their selection of nearly 40 existing services. Online video addicts can now also stream Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW, and their favorite wrestling moments for the WWE Network without cutting into their data plans. – Lucas Matney, TechCrunch   

TV streaming stick brings the movies and the network backdoors

Vulnerabilities in the EZCast TV streaming stick can allow a hacker to take full control of home networks, steal data and plant bots, researchers at security firm Check Point have warned, with the TV device’s flaws effectively handing over root shell control over networks in users’ homes or offices. […] The EZCast dongle runs on its own Wi-Fi network, secured only by an eight digit numeric password. This login credential can be cracked quite easily using a brute-force attack, Check Point’s researchers discovered. After running the attack, a hacker would gain access to an associated network. – John Leyden, The Register

T-Mobile’s Binge On: When throttling may not break the rules

T-Mobile CEO John Legere fired back at critics today in a blog post and video. Using the word “throttling” to describe T-Mobile’s video downgrading is just “semantics” and “bullshit,” he said. “What throttling is is slowing down data and removing customer control,” Legere said. “Binge On is neither of those things.” While Binge On streams video at lower bit rates, using less data, the data that is delivered to consumers isn’t slowed down, he said. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

At CES, TV Manufacturers Face an Unexpected Competitor: Mobile Phones

Phones coincidentally are also emerging as one of traditional TV’s fiercest competitor. With bigger and better screens, mobile devices take up more of our time, and are increasingly being used for video viewing, and not just for short clips. YouTube revealed last summer that the average mobile video viewing session now lasts 40 minutes — up from 20 minutes in 2014. In September, Yahoo reported that consumers now spend more time every day interacting with the apps on their phone than watching TV. And data from Ericsson’s ConsumerLab also shows how the mobile screen is winning over the TV screen amongst younger consumers. – Janko Roettgers, Variety

EFF: T-Mobile’s Binge On is throttling video streaming speeds

Binge On

photo: T-Mobile

Today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) also went after T-Mobile and Binge On. The organization confirms that T-Mobile is lowering the data speed of all HTML5 video streamed by its customers, not just those available with Binge On. EFF ran a series of tests using the same phone, during the same time of day, and made sure that there was a good 4G LTE connection at all times. Each test was run twice, one using an HTTP connection which allowed T-Mobile’s network to recognize the video content and optimize it. The other test was dome using an HTTPS connection which prevented the network from optimizing the stream. – Alan F., PhoneArena
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