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Videotapes Are Becoming Unwatchable As Archivists Work To Save Them

Some are old videos of police brutality; others are just weddings or old public access TV that isn’t saved anywhere else. All tapes are from people who want their content to be publicly available, and after the tapes are transferred, they’re stored on the nonprofit Internet Archive. To date, they’ve transferred 155 tapes—67 hours in total. – Scott Greenstone, NPR http://ift.tt/2rEtjh9

The old VHS tapes now worth £1,500 – 25 most valuable videos revealed

photo: The Mirror

The expert’s advice is to avoid common mainstream titles that were released on labels such as Cinema Club and 4Front, because these would have been mass produced and are worth ‘next to nothing’. Typically, the most valuable VHS tapes are one-offs, released in small batches within the ‘video nasties’ category – frequently on micro-budget labels such as Knockout and Trytel. – James Andrews, The Mirror

Streaming music making CDs obsolete

The other day I found myself staring at my stereo cabinet. It’s an armoire for another age, housing my receiver, CD player, and 200 or so CDs. I don’t play CDs anymore, and I certainly wouldn’t buy any. Why should I? I can listen to my music anywhere – on my phone, or on a Bluetooth speaker, using the phone as a remote control – without ever taking a CD out of its jewel case. […] it’s no wonder that CD sales are locked in a death spiral. Streaming music subscription services like Google All Access, Spotify and Beats Music (recently acquired by Apple) are doing to CDs what CDs did to vinyl LPs a generation ago (and what LPs did to brittle plastic records a generation before that). – David Einstein, SFGate.com  http://ift.tt/1kJTo0X

Preserving home movies for streaming

Mark Rukavina’s estimates, there are over 1 billion home movies from the analog era sitting in closets, waiting to be digitized. […] He’s calling iMemories the “Netflix” of “family memories” and charging $5 monthly or $49.99 yearly for the online service, which started in January. Videos and photos can be accessed via computer, smartphone and tablets via an app. You can watch on TV via a set-top box like Apple TV as well. (Reader alert: if you stop subscribing, your memories live on for 6 months before getting deleted from the servers.) – Jefferson Graham, USA TODAY