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FBI raided millionaire YouTuber’s home, allegedly took everything


Specifically, the YouTuber claims he is being investigated, not only for tax evasion and potential money laundering but also for his Gears Reloaded service. Carrasquillo states the service exploits a legal “grey area” in regard to copyright infringement by giving users access to channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Stars. – Mikael Thalen, The Daily Dot » https://ift.tt/2OelFVp [photo: Bill Omar Carrasquillo, YouTube]

Charter Saddles ‘$20’ Streaming Service With $6 in Bogus Fees

[W]hile Spectrum Stream is advertised at $20 per month, Charter Communications tacks on a fairly-massive (and sure to increase) $6 per month “broadcast TV fee.” And while that sounds like a sensible charge, we’ve been noting for some time how broadcast TV fees are just a clever way for the cable industry to covertly jack up the price of advertised rates post-sale. To create the broadcast TV fee, cable providers simply take some of the cost of programming and bury it below the line. – Karl Bode, DSL Reports http://ift.tt/2ueR3ts

Netflix Tax: Where do Residents Pay Extra for Streaming?

In Pasadena, California the tax on subscription streaming services like Netflix has been raised to 9.4 percent. There are over 40 cities in California that must cough up money for using Netflix, Hulu and the like, according to CBS News. Here are some places where subscribers to streaming services like Netflix must pay the fee. – Edward Cox, Heavy.com http://ift.tt/2fgSv8g

Cities considering taxes on video streaming services

Cities from Richmond to Redwood City to Watsonville are looking at adopting a streaming video tax. Alameda, Albany, Emeryville, Gilroy, Hayward, Hercules, Menlo Park, Los Altos, Newark and San Leandro have ordinances that could be tweaked to allow them to tax video streaming without a fresh round of voter approvals. – George Avalos, The Mercury News http://ift.tt/2fXGR2m

Cities plot to tax streaming content

The city of [Alameda, California] has put before its voters Measure K1, which would allow Alameda to tax pay-per-view and video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu as if they were public utilities. Watsonville has a similar measure. Other California municipalities have passed similar language. They haven’t begun to levy utility taxes on these platforms, but figure as soon as one city decides to levy this tax, there will be a stampede across California. – Debra J. Saunders, SFGATE http://ift.tt/2fhr6n5

French Government Decides Not To Levy 2% Tax Against YouTube Videos

A proposed law that would have levied a tax against ad-supported videos appears to have been defeated, at least for now. The French Parliament has ruled against the so-called “YouTube tax,” which would have required online video platforms to pay 2% of their ad revenue within France to the country’s National Film Board. – Sam Gutelle, Tubefilter http://ift.tt/2epfi0G
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