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NBC blocking Sling TV commercials on its channels

photo: TechnoBuffalo

A new ad campaign launched this week for the Sling TV streaming service, and while some companies have been running them without issue, Comcast isn’t quite as excited. The media conglomerate owns the NBC network, and on the stations it owns and operates – known as O&O, and different from affiliate stations – it is outright rejecting the ads. – Sean P. Aune, TechnoBuffalo

Spotify may kill its free service due to industry pressure

Spotify has already refuted the rumors, claiming its free tier isn’t going anywhere. “It’s totally false,” the company told The Next Web. “The model is working.” According to anonymous sources, however, the company may soon simply offer a three-month trial instead of its ad-supported service. After that, you’d be forced to pay for your music or get cut off entirely. One source adds that anyone with a free account at the time of the switch would get a 6-month grace period before needing to upgrade. – Jacob Kleinman, TechnoBuffalo

Watch the first episode of Powers free on YouTube now

PlayStation has gone and made the very first episode of their new original series Powers free for the Internet’s consideration. The hour long show was put up on YouTube this week, and you can watch it now. […] heads up, this only works in the U.S. right now because that’s the only territory PlayStation has released Powers in so far. – Joey Davidson, TechnoBuffalo
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Nintendo making Mii smartphone app; not interested in games

For anyone who might’ve been hoping to see a Pokémon battle game or a Super Mario endless runner, this week’s release of the New Nintendo 3DS should put those hopes to rest. [President Satoru Iwata,Nintendo] confirmed, saying that “I have opposed making smartphone and tablet versions of Nintendo titles; prices for content aimed at smartphones and tablets are falling quickly. I am still wary of the category.” – Eric Frederiksen, TechnoBuffalo
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Streaming TV: The Future is NOW

Unfortunately CBS’ product is less than perfect. You can only watch the live stream if you live in 14 of the biggest cities in the US – typically where CBS owns its own affiliate. […] However even if you live in one of those major cities, you’re still not getting everything. That’s because CBS All Access doesn’t include NFL games – which make up a huge part of CBS’ value for many viewers. The league and the network are in negotiations over whether this will change, but until then it’s very incomplete. […] Although CBS All Access claims “anywhere anytime”, it’s unclear whether that applies to live streaming. – Jim Louderback,TechnoBuffalo
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Netflix to Enable Secret Streaming Mode

Netflix catalogs and analyzes every movie and episode of TV you watch, but what if you want to keep some of your guilty pleasure viewing a secret? The company has a solution with its new “Privacy Mode,” which it’s currently testing with a small subset of customers. The company confirmed the news to Gigaom, promising that “Privacy Mode” won’t record your viewing history in any way. That means it won’t show up in your list of previously viewed videos, it won’t be shared to Facebook and it won’t have any effect on its own recommendation algorithms. – Jacob Kleinman,TechnoBuffalo http://ift.tt/1nb84dk

Roku and Chromecast Battle it Out for Top TV Streaming Device

[Parks Associates Research] estimated that in the U.S. the various Roku models accounted for 46 percent of the models bought in 2013. Second place went to the Apple TV with 26 percent. While Amazon’s Fire TV was too new to really make a dent this time around, it appears the biggest competition is going to come in the form of streaming sticks. – Sean P. Aune, TechnoBuffalo http://ift.tt/1jFnnMo