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Netflix’s Beat Bugs is a kids’ show built around the music of The Beatles

Netflix’s Beat Bugs is the newest addition to the streaming service’s growing library of kid-friendly content, and it revolves around the music of The Beatles. The brainchild of Australian filmmaker Josh Wakely, the show will follow the adventures of “charming, funny, [and] adventurous” insects who explore a suburban backyard. Each 11-minute episode incorporates one of The Beatles’ songs in some way, and the show will feature covers by Eddie Vedder (“Magical Mystery Tour”), Sia (“Blackbird”), P!nk (“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”), and others. – Jamieson Cox, The Verge

Could The Beatles Be Coming To Streaming Services This Month?

Early this year, Universal Music Group started up discussions about licensing [The Beatles]’s catalog to streaming services — and they allegedly inked a deal with a major streaming service in September. It’s not clear how much of the Beatles’ music will be available at first (Spotify declined to comment, and other major platforms didn’t reply), but it sounds like the big rollout will kick off with “Hey Jude” on December 24. – Sasha Geffen, MTV

Are The Beatles About To Join The Streaming Music Revolution?

Fan speculation varies wildly online. But industry insiders – citing rumors earlier this year that a deal with Apple had been cut – are betting that “1” will be released to the streaming music services soon, as a way for The Beatles to test the waters or the first step in a carefully timed campaign. – Bruce Houghton, Hypebot