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How the world’s greatest hand-fart musician captivated millions on YouTube

photo: J. Longo, The Kernel

[Gerry Phillips] uploaded his first video on Sept. 14, 2006, under the username “Gunecologist,” which is apt, since he works at White’s Gun Shop in Waterford, Michigan, a store his father bought in 1972. His first upload was a two-minute performance that he titled, in lower case, “manualist plays joy on his hands.” […] Over time, his recordings became more complex. Posted in March 2007, “Linus and Lucy (Peanuts Theme)” shows Phillips multitracking, and the result is a curious symphony of sound. His take on The Legend of Zelda theme relied on two Digitech guitar pedals—a whammy and a synth wah—to produce some extraordinary tones. That April he published “a manualist’s tutorial or how to handfart!,” which marked the first time he’d had spoken to the camera. “I don’t know what else to tell you except try, and try, and try,” he said near the end of the five-minute video. “I’ve been doing this for 37 years. – Andrew McMillen, The Kernel

How Facebook video screws over content creators

photo: The Daily Dot

According to a recent report from Ogilvy and Tubular Labs, of the 1000 most popular Facebook videos of Q1 2015, 725 were stolen re-uploads. Just these 725 “freebooted” videos were responsible for around 17 BILLION views last quarter. This is not insignificant, it’s the vast majority of Facebook’s high volume traffic. And no wonder, when embedding a YouTube video on your company’s Facebook page is a sure way to see it die a sudden death, we shouldn’t be surprised when they rip it off YouTube and upload it natively. Facebook’s algorithms encourage this theft. – Hank Green, The Daily Dot

This startup could be the ‘Netflix for podcasts’—only better

photo: Max Fleishman

In a sense, calling Howl the “Netflix of Podcasts” sells short its ambitions. With Howl, Midroll is offering an app and Web player that hosts Earwolf (and its sister network, Wolfpop) shows, as well as renowned interview show WTF with Marc Maron Podcast. The free version has the last six months of shows. Spring for the premium version at $5 a month, though, and you get access to the complete archives of WTF, as well as Earwolf and Wolfpop shows, without ads. You also get an array of Comedy Central specials from comedians like Jim Gaffigan and Aziz Ansari, behind-the-scenes photos, live recordings, commentary, and other fan-enticing bonuses. – Patrick Caldwell, The Kernel

Verizon will begin testing its blazing-fast 5G wireless network

photo: Mike Mozart, Flickr

Current 4G speeds can rival home Internet connections in many areas. While top speeds vary quite a bit depending on one’s carrier, location, and device, average 4G speeds are typically around 10 times as high as those found on 3G. Most 4G users enjoy speeds of over 10 Mbps, which is enough for HD video streaming and impressively fast app downloads. […] The company’s 5G network tests have shown speeds between 30 and 50 times faster than 4G. That’s faster than almost any home cable or fiber Internet connection. It rivals even the almighty Google Fiber service for raw speed. – Mike Wehner, The Daily Dot

14 Facts about Netflix, recommended for you

photo: Mental Floss

It Was Originally Called Kibble. Choosing a name for the company was a drawn-out process. Directpix.com, Replay.com, and others were considered; so was Luna.com, which was the name of Randolph’s dog. When the company was being incorporated, he named it Kibble.com until they could decide on something permanent. – Jake Rossen, Mental_Floss via The Daily Dot

6 features Netflix needs right now

photo: Jason Reed, Daily Dot

Netflix Hangout
Sometimes you just wanna Netflix and chill remotely, so I propose the union of two beautiful things: the Google Hangout and Netflix Instant. It’s fun watching things apart yet together, so you can be in the comfort of your own bed, hands covered in Doritos dust, resting comfortably in a cloud of your own farts. – Eve Peyser, The Daily Dot

Most young adults watched the GOP debate on Snapchat, not TV

photo: The Daily Dot

Almost twice as many 18- to 24-year-olds tuned into the GOP debate via Snapchat Live Story than TV, the company told POLITICO. The Live Story featured curated pictures and videos, or snaps, from before, during and after the first GOP debate in Cleveland, Ohio. […] According to Recode, Live Stories bring in 20 million views a day. The first 2016 GOP debate, hosted and exclusively broadcast on Fox News, drew a record 24 million viewers. – William Turton, The Daily Dot

This singing sensation has 213 million YouTube views—and he’s about to graduate

photo: The Kernel

Jon Cozart (Paint) is best known for his pop culture- and fandom-inspired music videos, such as “Lord of the Rings in 99 Seconds” and “Movie Villain Medley.” But it was his Disney parody “After Ever After” (currently at 51 million views) that propelled him into the spotlight. Few creators can release videos months apart, with no hype, and still garner at least 2 million views. He’s been releasing videos since YouTube launched in 2005, and though he’s only made 21 of them during those 10 years, they’ve collected over 213 million views. – Carly Lanning, The Kernel via The Daily Dot

The problem with YouTube that no one is talking about

photo: The Kernel

It’s been pointed out that YouTube has a “creep problem,” and eradicating this overgrowth isn’t going to be easy. A spokesperson from YouTube explained that “YouTube’s community guidelines prohibit inappropriate content such as harassment. YouTube removes content that violates these policies when flagged by our users.” The site’s harassment and cyberbullying guidelines outline the various scenarios for flagging or reporting a video, and every video that’s flagged gets reviewed. – Audra Schroeder, The Kernel via The Daily Dot
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