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The Smosh Guys Want to Go from YouTube to the Movie Theater

Lionsgate, the studio behind movie franchises like the “The Hunger Games” and “The Expendables,” has picked up the rights to “The Smosh Movie,” the film the Web comedy duo produced earlier this year. [Anthony Padilla] and [Ian Hecox] aren’t the first Web video stars to try their hands at a movie — you may or may not recall “The Fred Movie,” starring Lucas Cruikshank (Fred), which ended up going to Nickelodeon instead of theaters — but they are probably the biggest. Their YouTube channels have 30 million subscribers, and their standalone site generates 12 million visitors a month. […] Also of note: The film was produced and co-financed by Awesomeness TV, the YouTube network acquired by DreamWorks Animation last year. And Awesomeness head Brian Robbins got into YouTube-land after producing “The Fred Movie” in 2010. – Peter Kafka,Re/code
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