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Radius/TWC Takes ‘It Follows’ Wide in Theaters, Pushes Back VOD Date

Finally, RADiUS/The Weinstein Company has opted to push out horror hit “It Follows” beyond the limited theater expansion already planned for this Friday. (Bloody Disgusting reported this.) Exhibition sources report that late Wednesday (after ongoing debates within the company all week), Radius-TWC began to inform theaters that the initial VOD date, set for March 27, would be postponed. They’re going wide to 1000 theaters Friday. – Tom Brueggemann, indieWIRE
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Harvey Weinstein: Netflix Is Winning Because it Has Vision

“The reason why [Netflix is] winning is they have a vision,” [Harvey Weinstein] said. “Most executives love money, they don’t love movies … they love movies,” he added. […] The deal was about giving consumers choice, he argued, but for The Weinstein Company, it was also about securing a $60 million budget for a massive action film — the kind of picture the indie label rarely gets to make. – Brent Lang,Variety

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Hulu, Fullscreen, Maker Studios Execs Talk Subscription Streaming Challenges

“I’m wondering as there are more subscription services, are they attempting to take business away from other competing subscriptions services, or are they taking business away from transactional services?” [Jason Janego,The Weinstein Company] said. “For us, with VOD, when I see these new services and what they’re pricing them at, does that mean people are taking money away from purchasing a film on a Friday or Saturday night? Is the pie even larger now, or is it staying the same and we’re just dividing it differently?” – Kevin Noonan,Variety
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One Chance | Yahoo Screen Live

The Weinstein Company’s biopic “One Chance” generated just $32,800 in its U.S. theatrical debut this weekend, after the film was available for free on Yahoo 10 days before it hit theaters. Now, TWC has reupped its deal with Yahoo to extend the free streaming window until Nov. 9 for “One Chance,” which tells the true story an amateur opera singer who won the first season of the “Britain’s Got Talent” competition show. Originally, the Yahoo deal was set to expire Oct. 10 with the theatrical release. […] Terms of the Yahoo-Weinstein deal for “One Chance” have not been disclosed. Yahoo is serving pre-roll and mid-roll video ads in the movie for U.S. users on its Yahoo Screen service, on the web at http://screen.yahoo.com/onechance and via other devices. – Todd Spangler,Variety 
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Netflix’s Aggressive Move Into Movies to Shake Up the Business

So-called day-and-date movie releases aren’t new — “Margin Call” and “Arbitrage” are two of the more successful titles that premiered simultaneously in theaters and via on-demand platforms. […] What’s different about the pictures under Netflix’s new deals is that they are mainstream vehicles — particularly the Sandler movies — which have essentially opted to forgo a theatrical release to tap into the streamer’s burgeoning 50 million worldwide audience of subscribers. But in doing so, Hollywood players like the The Weinstein Company. and Adam Sandler may be sacrificing more than ticket sales: They could also be disrupting the economic ecosystem of film, since library content devalues more rapidly when it is made available on Netflix, where it can be streamed endlessly. – Brent Lang,Variety
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In streaming media landmark, Netflix will show ‘Crouching Tiger’ sequel same day as theaters

Netflix and the The Weinstein Company said Monday night that the sequel to Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” will stream on Netflix the same day it debuts in theaters. The deal marks the first time a streaming video service will get an even start with movie theaters when a major motion picture debuts. he new martial arts drama will stream on Netflix next summer, August 28, at no additional charge to Netflix subscribers. It will show exclusively at Imax theaters around the world that day. – Mark Sullivan,VentureBeat
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