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Americans Spend More Time Watching Netflix Than Shtupping

photo: Netflix

A study conducted by TDG Research found that the average Netflix subscriber spends 90 minutes per day streaming videos. Exstreamist compared that number to the amount of time spent on other activities and found that Netflix almost always comes out on top. At least compared to its subscribers, who apparently don’t spend much time on top, underneath or in any other carnal position. – Reid Nakamura, The Wrap

‘The Interview’ Tumbles at Box Office as VOD, Streaming Expand

“The Interview” now available on virtually every major cable, satellite and online platform, it doesn’t make sense to apply typical box-office logic when assessing the commercial success of the film. The more significant figure last weekend was the $15 million that the R-rated comedy grossed in online rentals and sales. Sony elected to make the film available at several streaming sites the day before its Christmas Day theatrical debut. This weekend’s grosses from VOD and streaming numbers are likely to be released in the next few days, but expect them to be significantly larger than the box office. – Todd Cunningham,The Wrap
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