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MoviePass security lapse exposed customer card numbers

Mossab Hussein, a security researcher at Dubai-based cybersecurity firm SpiderSilk, found an exposed database on one of the company’s many subdomains. The database was massive, containing 161 million records at the time of writing and growing in real time. Many of the records were normal computer-generated logging messages used to ensure the running of the service — but many also included sensitive user information, such as MoviePass customer card numbers. – Zack Whittaker, TechCrunch » https://tcrn.ch/31YoeiH

The Netflix for Broadway is coaxing theater onto a digital stage

Founded by a husband-and-wife team with a combined 83 years of experience in the Broadway business, the niche service is like Netflix for theater. It offers a library of plays and musicals to stream on demand for a $9-a-month subscription. These aren’t the out-of-focus iPhone recordings of your nephew’s fifth-grade talent show. BroadwayHD specializes in live captures of high-end theatrical productions with HD or 4K cameras and the same audio that feeds into a theater’s soundboard. – Joan E. Solsman, CNET » https://cnet.co/2ZfDwhq

Streaming Musical Emma to Receive ‘Soundstage’ Album Release

[Emma], which retains much of Austen’s original text, was filmed at Off-Broadway’s Westside Theatre last year, capturing a production mounted specifically for streaming online rather than as a traditional theatrical offering. The album is culled from the soundtrack of that film, currently available to watch at StreamingMusicals.com. – Logan Culwell-Block, Playbill http://bit.ly/2sagr14

MoviePass is no longer too good to be true

[MoviePass] is asking for three months of subscription fees upfront, with no guarantee that a given movie won’t be impacted by its latest, unannounced change. In addition to that, many users are now reporting an expanded test from MoviePass, one we first heard about earlier this year, in which users in certain markets are being asked to upload photos of their ticket stubs. The stub verification is ostensibly to test for “fraudulent activity” and “to ensure that MoviePass is sustainable for the entire community.” An email from MoviePass reads, “Please note that failure to cooperate with the below safeguards could result in irreversible termination of your subscription. – Nick Statt, The Verge https://ift.tt/2r5GOo7

Vice goes to the big screen with Motherboard science documentary

Vice-owned outlet MOTHERBOARD’s documentary The Most Unknown, about “the biggest questions in science,” will debut on Netflix after its theatrical run. The publication sent nine scientists around the world to get answers to big topics like the definition of consciousness, what exactly comprises dark matter and where life originated… – Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget https://engt.co/2K0Q4Cu

MoviePass blackouts and anti-fraud tests upset some customers

This week customers complain that they’ve seen many showings of the new Jennifer Lawrence movie Red Sparrow marked “not supported” by their pass. As Pop Culture Beast theorizes, this could be an attempt to black out certain theaters, drive users to others and prove the service’s value as a way of leading traffic to particular movies or locations. While it’s a bit harder to see Red Sparrow, MoviePass is pushing Death Wish, which also opened this week. – Richard Lawler, The Hollywood Reporter http://engt.co/2F9iWG5

MoviePass Cuts Off Some AMC Theaters as Big Picture Plan Comes Into Focus

So, the bigger strategy is coming together: MoviePass wants to strong-arm uncooperative theaters into sharing revenue when it demonstrates increased sales. It wants to own some films that it acquires based on its user data, and it’ll push those films on its app with the highest priority, and ultimately collect TV and streaming revenue on them. And the company hopes to incorporate businesses that are near theaters and promote deals, in a sort of Groupon-for-movie theaters arrangement. – Rhett Jones, Gizmodo http://gizmo.do/CcDRo77
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