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YouTubers are being hijacked for crypto scams

The feed, of course, was a scam—the real CZ wasn’t giving away free Bitcoins. Jicha had received an email to collaborate with Gamegloom.com, a fake site that promised to offer a video-game streaming service (like Google’s Stadia). In the email, Jicha was given an activation key for an application to stream PC games to mobile phones, but it was fake. In fact, Jicha had downloaded a keylogger; a service that tracks all the keys you enter on your computer. – Robert Stevens, Decrypt Media » https://ift.tt/2MTgqcY

Someone Swiped My House’s Comcast Connection; Comcast Wants $40 To Come Look At It

All Consumerist reader Dan wants is to get Internet access to the house he just purchased. Shouldn’t be a big deal since Comcast says the building was previously wired for its service. Problem is, the cable running to his house no longer connects with his house, but instead now snakes off across his yard — on top of the ground — to a neighbor; and Comcast wants Dan to pay up just to come out and fix the mess. – Chris Morran, Consumerist.com http://ift.tt/V8R5yg