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Bop.fm Music Streaming Aggregator Lets Users Follow Playlists

bop.fm a unified music streaming platform that simplifies sharing and listening to records from multiple sources online, today introduced a useful “follow” feature for user-created playlists. […] With an ever-growing number of music streaming options on the Web, such as Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, sharing your favorite records or newly discovered gems is complicated. If your friends haven’t adopted the same services as you, sending across “share” links is pretty pointless. Bop.fm solves this problem by binding all of these sources into a single portal. – Nick Summers,TheNextWeb

Why the UK’s New Local TV Stations Are Doomed to Fail

It’s worth pointing out another huge problem with the Government’s plan to deliver local TV in the form of TV channels: Because all local channels share the same single TV channel number, each local channel is available on TV only in its home town or region. This means that Nottingham’s Notts TV is viewable by the million or so people in the Nottingham catchment area, and *not* viewable by the 7 billion people *not* in Nottingham. – Anthony Rose,TheNextWeb