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The Always Up-to-Date Guide to Streaming Blocked Content Overseas

One of the big problems with streaming content overseas (or from an overzealous college campus that blocks everything) is that the landscape for doing so changes a lot. Just a few years ago you had to jump through a lot of hoops, but in most cases it’s now as simple as a using an extension or web service. – Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker

This Calculator Decides Whether Dropping Cable Will Save You Money

All you need to do is put in the cost of your cable plan, add in your internet access charge, then select the streaming services you’ll likely use. Slate’s calculator then adds everything up and lets you know how much you’ll spend a year. As you’d expect, it seems like cutting cable is always going to be cheaper unless you’re subscribing to any of the sports packages, but it’s still handy to see the actual breakdown of the numbers. – Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker