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DC TV Boss May Push Netflix-Hulu Streaming More Than a Year

photo: The CW

Anyone boarding DC Comics’s TV train over the last few months may have been drawn by the superhero syndicate’s streaming options, whether Arrow, The Flash or Gotham’s Netflix presence or beyond. That said, the comic company may opt for some major alterations to its availability, leaving some viewers waiting a year or more for the latest seasons. – Kevin Fitzpatrick, ScreenCrush

Time Warner Says It’s Ready to Start the Great Netflix Pullback

photo: Youtube, Re/Code

There’s plenty of wiggle room there, so don’t expect Time Warner to cut off the digital guys entirely. And the deals they’ve already signed run for several years, so nothing is going to happen overnight, anyway. But it’s the clearest sign yet that TV guys are willing to give up some licensing money in the short term to try to build, or at least maintain, their core business. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

Charter seeks to woo cord cutters with a new streaming-TV service

photo: Charter Communications, TechHive

Charter Communications is not alone in trying to reach out to cord cutters and cord nevers through a skinny combination of basic TV and a premium TV network. Comcast announced an Internet-TV offering along similar lines a couple of months back. Likewise, Time Warner Cable—the company Charter hopes to merge with before the end of the year—is rumored to have opted for the same content formula for its own streaming product. – Pulkit Chandna, TechHive

Time Warner Cable will test internet-only TV in NYC next week

photo: Time Warner Cable, Engadget

Similar to Sky’s Now TV in the UK it will support a number of hardware platform but the plan is to focus on streaming TV through Roku’s set-top boxes, and any participants will get a Roku 3 for free. On top of their internet service, customers can pick up a “Starter” TV package for an extra $10 per month. Another option that adds Showtime and Starz will be available for $20 per month, and for those who want all the usual channels but without a cable box, a Standard option with Showtime and Starz costs $50 per month. Judging by the usual cable packages, Starter customers should have about 20 channels, while the Standard package has more than 70. – Richard Lawler, Engadget

AT&T blasts cable mergers, says cable companies should compete instead

photo: Paramount/CBS, Ars Technica

[T]he National Cable & Telecommunications Association responded to AT&T with this statement: “AT&T recently merged with DirecTV to become the largest pay TV provider in the United States. So it is an amazing act of hubris to see them implore the government to help them diminish the effectiveness of a competitor, disparagingly citing actions that are common, pro-consumer or purely imaginary. Having long criticized others for making sweeping, vague, industry-wide allegations in the context of its own mergers, it is precious to see them employing the same self-serving tactic against others. Undoubtedly, the FCC will see AT&T’s action for what it is, a flimsy ad hominem attack to advance its own commercial interests.” – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

FCC wants to know how Charter and TWC deal with streaming competitors

photo: The Verge

The request for information on “online video distributors” was only part of lengthy forms asking for information. Specifically, the commission requested documents relating to “the entry, competitive impact, or the Company’s response to any OVD, including but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Dish Sling TV, Sony Vue, CBS All Access, and HBO Now.” The FCC also asked the companies how cord cutters had impacted their businesses, and for information on customer satisfaction. – Colin Lecher, The Verge

Netflix is totally cool with Charter buying Time Warner Cable

photo: Associated Press

Charter Communications has Netflix’s support for its $55 billion proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable after promising the streaming service settlement-free “peering” through 2018. Peering, according to The Internet Peering Playbook, is a local routing optimization method that allows two networks to exchange traffic without incurring transit fees. On Tuesday, Charter reportedly filed a document with the FCC stating that it wouldn’t charge any website for faster access until at least December 31st, 2018. Netflix also filed a document stating that it would not oppose the acquisition as it had last year’s Comcast-TWC merger. – Andrew Tarantola, Engadget

Charter Hopes To Succeed Where Comcast Has Failed

photo: Reuters

Charter Communications said in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday that it would not block or suppress Internet traffic or prioritize content for a fee and that its broadband services would cost less than the current offerings of Time Warner (TWC) and Bright House. – Ismail Shakil, Reuters via Zatz Not Funny

Time Warner Cable placed 163 robocalls about unpaid bill to wrong person

still: Federal Trade Commision, Youtube

[A] federal judge yesterday ordered Time Warner Cable to pay [Araceli King] $229,500 for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The ruling was issued by US District Judge Alvin Hellerstein in New York City, where TWC is based. The TCPA sets out a $500 fine for each violation, an amount that can be tripled for willful or knowing violations. The judge gave King triple damages for each of the 153 willful violations committed by Time Warner Cable. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

TWC is threatened with the first Net Neutrality lawsuit

According to the Washington Post, Commercial Network Services is about to file a complaint against Time Warner Cable for holding its video traffic to ransom. CNS runs SunDiegoLive, a site hosing webcam streams across San Diego, which is popular with the military crowd whenever a US Navy vessel comes into port. As far as CNS is concerned, TWC has been charging unreasonably high rates to let these videos get through the internet without being throttled into dust. – Daniel Cooper, Engadget
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