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New York to Charter: Expand Your Network or We’ll Reverse the Time Warner Merge

Those consequences include $2 million in fines—$1 million missing the target initially set forth by the commission, and another $1 million for failing to make up for the missed goal within three months of the original deadline. But the big threat being tossed out there by New York is the possibility of rescinding the merger within state lines. Such a move wouldn’t change the structure of the Charter-Time Warner agreement elsewhere in the US, but would be disruptive to the company’s business in a major market. – AJ Dellinger, Gizmodo http://gizmo.do/BcbRfbT

Time Warner Wants Hulu To Stop Airing Current Seasons Of TV Shows

Time Warner Inc. — not to be confused with its former subsidiary Time Warner Cable — has been talking to Hulu about purchasing a portion of the streaming service, which is currently a joint venture of Comcast (NBC), Disney (ABC), and 21st Century Fox. […] If Time Warner purchases a 25% stake in Hulu, the Journal’s sources say it wouldn’t want to offer the quick online access to new episodes that the site’s current partners provide. […] Time Warner would rather use Hulu to push users to on-demand and network websites for currently aired shows. That means they would likely need to use a pay-TV provider login to see these episodes. – Chris Morran, Consumerist

HBO Streaming Announcement Sends Netflix Stock Tumbling

On Wednesday, HBO announced it will offer a standalone streaming service that will let you watch the network’s programming without a cable subscription. The news sent Netflix stock tumbling […] Though the stock rallied a bit after an initial drop, it was still down 3 percent to $435.63 at around 12:30 p.m. Time Warner Inc., HBO’s parent, was up nearly 2.5 percent to $72.39. By 2:45 p.m., Netflix’s stock price had recovered somewhat, back up to $441.75. HBO’s announcement comes on the same day that Netflix is expected to announce its quarterly earnings and seems timed to poke at the streaming company. – Emily Cohn,HuffPost Tech
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U.S. Netflix streaming improves with Bright House deal, still lags Canada, Europe

Due largely to a flurry of interconnection deals, streaming performance of the top SVOD service has improved across most major Internet service providers in the United States. […] Buoyed by significant speed increases for most major ISPs, the overall U.S. Netflix streaming average for all ISPs reached 2.72 Mbps in September. But as Gigaom points out, ranking every country Netflix is deployed in, the U.S. comes in 14th in streaming performance, trailing Canada and every country in Europe. – FierceCable 

HBO Says It’s Going to Start Selling on the Web Next Year

HBO says it’s finally ready: Sometime in the next year the pay-TV service will be selling a Web-only offering. HBO CEO Richard Plepler, speaking at an investor presentation hosted by HBO parent company Time Warner, said the company will start selling a digital version of its service that won’t require a pay-TV subscription in 2015. […] Plepler’s brief statement about its “over the top” plans didn’t spell out the way the company would market and deliver HBO on the Web. It’s possible that the company will build out its own technology to do so. But I’ve also heard industry sources suggest that HBO would work with other companies who are already selling video on the Web, like Amazon.com and Hulu, to deliver its programming. HBO already has a wide-ranging content deal with Amazon. – Peter Kafka,Re/code
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Sony lands Viacom programming for streaming-TV service

Viacom will make 22 of its television channels available on an Internet-only streaming television service from Sony, possibly representing a turning point for major pay-TV companies as they struggle to deal with younger generations of people who simply don’t see the value in paying for cable. […] Sony has worked to bring aboard programming from Discovery Communications, Time Warner, and other potential partners. Bloomberg reported Walt Disney Co. and 21st Century Fox have also had talks about bringing programming to Sony’s service. – David A. Arnott,Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal  
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Regulators Want Comcast to Cough Up Lots More Data About Its Internet Policies

It took Federal Communications Commission staff 29 pages to list the 93 questions and requests for data they want from Comcast for their review of the deal. The agency sent similar, if smaller, data requests to Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications, which wants to acquire subscribers from Comcast as part of its effort to jettison some coverage areas to placate the government. Seventeen of the questions or data requests in the FCC’s inquiry were related to Comcast’s Internet policies, including its use of data caps, traffic management, middle-mile Internet interconnection deals and net neutrality policies as well as data related to complaints from Netflix and Level 3 Communications about Comcast. […] They also asked for information about Comcast’s “most favored nation” contracts — contractual agreements that give cable operators the lowest price for TV channels — as well as details about it’s ability “to exert influence or control” over Hulu, the online TV streaming service that Comcast has an ownership interest in. Both are issues that regulators examined in detail four years ago when Comcast was acquiring NBCUniversal. – Amy Schatz,Re/code
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Comcast, Other Cable TV Firms Now Broadband First

Comcast is on track to serve more Internet subscribers than video customers in 2015, which already is the case with Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. In Q2, the top cable TV firms lost 510,000 video subscribers but gained 381,000 broadband customers, says research firm LRG. […] As cable system operators become more broadband focused, analysts say the triple-play product bundle may take less of a marketing role. Some cable firms already have tried packaging broadband services, limited local and basic channels, and Time Warner’s subscription-based HBO into lower-priced deals. […] Pay-TV competition continues to ramp up. Satellite TV broadcaster Dish Network plans to launch an Internet TV service, backed by programming content from Walt Disney Studios and A&E, by year-end. […] Verizon Communications, which bought Intel’s online TV platform in January, also is readying an OTT offering, analysts say. […] Cable operators usually charge more for broadband as a stand-alone product than as part of a phone, Internet, video triple play to make up some of the lost video revenue, notes a Moody’s report. […] Moody’s [Karen Berckmann] says many cable firms have upped Internet speeds at a given price level for free, aiming to raise customer loyalty and migrate customers to higher-priced broadband in the long run. – Reinhardt Krause,Investor’s Business Daily
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Netflix Is Beating HBO in Revenue, But It’s Still the Underdog | Business

Yesterday, the Netflix CEO used Facebook to point out that the video streaming service is now pulling in more subscriber revenue than HBO. “Minor milestone: last quarter we passed HBO is subscriber revenue ($1.146B vs $1.141B),” Hastings boasted. But then came the modesty. “They still kick our ass in profits and Emmy’s, but we are making progress. […] Not so long ago, parent company Time Warner didn’t break out HBO’s profits separately. Once it started to do so earlier this year, however, the contrast was stark. In quarterly numbers released this week, HBO’s profits surged compared to last year to hit $548 million. Netflix, by comparison, reported second-quarter profits of $71 million. – Marcus Wohlsen,WIRED