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Exclusive: TiVo Poised To Launch Cox On Demand

[Zatz Not Funny has] learned that TiVo is poised to launch Cox On Demand services… nearly five years after an announced partnership that many have assumed to be dead. So while the various players dicker over the capabilities and implementation of a CableCARD successor, TiVo once again strikes a deal to build a custom solution. I’m not sure what’s in it for Cox, other than avoiding the remaining couple years of TiVo’s Time Warp patent teeth. But we clearly know the value to TiVo – Dave Zatz, Zatz Not Funny

Aereo gets only $2 million from selling assets to TiVo and other companies

Aereo was expecting to sell its assets for at least $4 million (and up to $31 million) at a bankruptcy auction, following its loss in a protracted legal battle against broadcasters. Sadly, luck wasn’t on its side yet again: the company has managed to raise a mere $2 million from the auction, which has only attracted 10 bidders. […] One of the buyers is DVR company TiVo, which snapped up Aereo’s trademark and customer lists. Other assets sold include its patent portfolio and old equipment. […] Besides the assets it has sold in this auction, Aereo also offloaded 8,200 hard drives used for its DVRs last week for $300,000 — after broadcasters made sure all their contents were deleted, of course. – Mariella Moon ,Engadget 
(Full Story: http://engt.co/1DhRr43 )

TiVo cancels Season Pass for OnePass, streaming included (hands-on)

This February the company will perform an update to its DVR platform that eliminates Season Pass and replaces it with something TiVo says is even better: OnePass. […] In addition to the standard Season Pass options, you can choose which season to start from and whether to include episodes that cost money individually (as opposed to those included in a subscription service like Netflix). You can also elect not to show any streaming sources at all, which essentially makes the OnePass behave just like a Season Pass. – David Katzmaier, CNET
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1Axt8QQ )

Bright House Lifts TiVo Streaming Restrictions

Via DSL Reports, we learn that their punitive CCI Byte restrictions have been lifted on everything other than premium movie channels, allowing TiVo, Ceton, and SiliconDust USA Inc. hardware owners to legitimately stream the cable content they pay for beyond Bright House’s formerly walled garden. And, come January, Bright House’s Tampa customers will similarly experience video liberation. – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1AuIQgw )

Plex Coming to TiVo (via Opera TV Store)?

Since launching about a year ago, the Opera TV Store apps on TiVo are mostly throwaways and rarely worth the time they require to open. But with PLEX on deck and the newer ability to pin favorite apps, the math could suddenly, and perhaps dramatically, change. Especially given TiVo’s apparent disinterest in bringing the sort of DLNA access that Xbox and PlayStation provide along with an abandonment of TiVo Desktop to pass music and photos to our DVRs. – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny 
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1zhAs3B )

TiVo Releases Amazon Instant Streaming! (Prematurely)

TiVo has gone ahead and confirmed a modernized Amazon Instant app is in the pipeline … by accidentally releasing it a bit early to a subset of customers. […] it appeared alongside the existing app and isn’t yet entirely functional. Further, someone at TiVo obviously realized their mistake as it was removed after 4 or 5 hours. Yet, we now know both Amazon and VUDU are coming real soon – November at the latest? – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1sfvcvW )

TiVo Android Streaming Details Emerge

Two years after TiVo introduced streaming capabilities, Android owners will soon get in on the action. However, whereas iPhone and iPad owners have enjoyed both streaming and video downloads, presumably due to security issues, the Android crowd won’t be taking shows offline – according to the newly updated compatibility chart […]. However, they will receive cellular streaming ahead of iOS. Score? – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny via TiVo Community Fourm
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1rOc9mx )

TiVo Unveils Crazy-Huge $5,000 DVR with Enough Storage for Three Years of TV

[TiVo] is introducing the TiVo Mega, configured with an almost ridiculous 24 terabytes of total storage capacity. That’s enough to hold up to 4,000 hours of HD programming — amounting to more than five months — or up to 24,000 of standard-def TV, which adds up to nearly three years. […] The Mega is expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2015, to be available through home-theater specialty retailers. The rack-mountable system is built like a data-center server, not a box that can fit under your TV. The expected $5,000 price tag will include product lifetime service, according to TiVo. – Todd Spangler,Variety
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1ApUvdl )

TiVo’s New Cable-Free Over-The-Air DVR Tries To Fill Streaming Vacancy Left By Aereo Demise

TiVo’s entering the broadcast-recording fray with their new TiVo Roamio OTA, which basically works like a standard TiVo Roamio with a couple of differences: one, it plugs into an HD antenna instead of a cableCARD and two, the set-top box costs less. And there’s one other big catch: The Roamio OTA is, at least at launch, only available at Best Buy. So what’s the price of not getting put out of business by the Supreme Court? It seems to be $50 for equipment and $15 per month in subscription fees. (The standard TiVo Roamio runs $200 plus the monthly fee.) – Kate Cox,Consumerist.com via Engadget
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1wsImYx )

Tubi TV Streams To iOS, The Web

Tubi TV, the free, ad-supported VOD service that grapples with with Crackle, has expanded its screen mix with the launch of apps for the iOS platform and Web browsers. […] a product of AdRise, launched in April, debuting on the Amazon Fire TV and the Xbox 360. Platforms targeted for the future include the Kindle Fire, Samsung and Sony smart TVs, TiVo, and Western Digital’s WD TV media player. – Jeff Baumgartner,Multichannel News
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