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Pornhub Is Now Available as a Tor Site to Protect Users’ Privacy

Pornhub says it created the Tor site to protect the porn-viewing habits of LGBT users, whose sexual preferences can be criminalized in certain countries. – Michael Kan, PCMag » https://trib.al/rEOTtR5

Hackers are selling lifetime access to Netflix, HBO Go, Spotify and more for just a few dollars

photo: BGR

These underground services can only be accessed using TOR, but once you’re inside, you can purchase access to pretty much whatever you’re interested in getting. Access to stolen HBO Now and HBO Go accounts sells for less than $10 while premium pro sports services costs under $15. Spotify access sells for under $2. […] Interestingly, the hackers selling these services provide “guarantees” that buyers will have access to lifetime subscriptions, meaning that the original buyer isn’t likely to cancel his or her streaming subscription service. – Chris Smith, BGR

Some Anonabox routers recalled for lack of basic security

It turns out the routers in question shipped without Wi-Fi password protection. Yup, the Anonabox “cloaking device” didn’t have the simplest form of router security, a network password. Sure users could anonymously surf the Internet via Tor, but they couldn’t stop anyone from within Wi-Fi range from hopping on their network and potentially hacking their devices. It was also determined that the root password of the affected devices is the incredibly easy to guess “Admin.”Roberto Baldwin, Engadget

Russia Wants to Be the Second Country to Block Tor

Certain domains have been blocked in Russia since 2012, when a blacklist law went into effect, but the current legislation relies on individual internet service providers to block these sites. Many citizens easily bypass the barriers with tools like Tor and VPN, or virtual private network, services, which allow them to tunnel traffic through alternative IP addresses and appear as if they are located outside of Russia. […] Governments can block access to VPN services by blocking access from IP addresses linked to VPN providers. Blocking Tor is more complex, and requires identifying and blocking the destination nodes traffic travels through rather than the URL or IP address. – Kari Paul, MOTHERBOARD
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Tor users ‘not at risk’ after failed attack by PlayStation, Xbox Live hackers | ZDNet

In a statement on Friday, the Tor project said the attack attempted to undermine the service by flooding it with fake servers. “The attackers have signed up many new relays in hopes of becoming a large fraction of the network,” the statement read. These new relay servers made up “less than 1 percent” of the Tor network’s capacity during the attack, it added. – Zack Whittaker,ZDNet

PSN and Xbox Live hackers turn their attention to Tor

A tweet from the official Lizard Squad account confirmed that Tor was its new target on the day after Christmas. If the hackers are able to gain access to enough of the nodes (or relays) in Tor’s network it could possibly compromise the anonymity of the service. So far Tor has not made any official response but users are spotting evidence of trouble. […] Bizarrely, it seems as though Megaupload founder and Internet pioneer Kim Dotcom may have been responsible for easing the strain on Sony and Microsoft’s gaming networks over the past 24 hours. As Yahoo reports, the Lizard Group says it turned its attention away from PSN and Xbox Live after Dotcom intervened with an offer of lifetime memberships to the Mega service. – David Neild, Digital Trends
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In wake of Anonabox, more crowdsourced Tor router projects make their pitch

Based on the Chinese-built WT 3020A—a small wireless router that appears identical to the box that was the basis for the Anonabox—the Invizbox will have similar specs to the cancelled Kickstarter: 64 megabytes of RAM, 16 megabytes of Flash storage, and the Linux-based OpenWRT embedded OS. The main difference, according to the Dublin, Ireland-based team behind Invizbox (Elizabeth Canavan, Paul Canavan, and Chris Monks) is that their Tor router will be locked down better—and they won’t pretend that they’re using custom-built hardware. […] you could buy a Raspberry Pi-based Onion Router for $135—or build your own Onion Pi instead. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could probably reflash your existing router—Tor has been part of OpenWRT and other alternative router firmware for some time. – Sean Gallagher,Ars Technica
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Kickstarter pulls Anonabox, a Tor-enabled router that raised over $585,000

Kickstarter removed a fundraiser for a popular Tor-based router project on Friday afternoon. The Anonabox, which was created by August Germar, of Chico, California, aimed to be an “open source embedded networking device designed specifically to run Tor.” Its fundraising goal was $7,500, and in five days, it raised $585,549 from nearly 9,000 backers. […] David Gallagher, a Kickstarter spokesman, declined to explain precisely why Anonabox’s fundraiser was pulled, citing company policy. […] “Project suspensions are permanent,” he said. “It’s important to note that on Kickstarter, backers aren’t charged and no money changes hands until a project’s funding period ends, and then only if it has reached its goal. We work hard to safeguard the long-term health and integrity of the Kickstarter system.” – Cyrus Farivar & Sean Gallagher,Ars Technica
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