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Kodi fights trademark trolls trying to charge for its media app

The media center app developer has revealed that it’s battling “trademark trolls” who’ve registered the Kodi name as their own and are using that mark to profit from software that’s supposed to be free to distribute. The culprits may charge you to host Kodi on a website, for example, or make you buy their Kodi boxes instead of others. And this isn’t a theoretical worry, either. – Jon FIngas, Engadget http://ift.tt/2wVHsc1

Comcast ripped off Apple’s brand to make a TV remote look special

That’s some mighty hifalutin talk for a cable box remote. Particularly when you consider the fact that Comcast just now decided that it made sense to add an “input” button to the X1 remote. I suppose that’s the genius of Comcast design — if you don’t include an input button, maybe your customers will be too lazy to switch over to their Apple TV to rent a movie and will buy something through on-demand instead. – Nathan Ingraham, The Verge
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Developer Registers “Popcorn Time” Trademark to Prevent Abuse

The Popcorn Time app brought BitTorrent streaming to the mainstream earlier this year. The idea was to have a free and open source project that anyone can build upon. […] The original app was shut down by the developers after a few weeks, but the project was quickly picked up by others. This resulted in several popular forks that have each developed their own features, with most releasing their source code in public. […] Recently, however, [Canadian developer David Lemarie] made a move to formalize his claim on the Popcorn Time brand. An application for the trademark was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and this week the case was assigned to an examiner. […] Time 4 Popcorn, one of the popular forks, is not happy with the trademark application. They describes it as “rude” and stress that the Popcorn Time name doesn’t belong to anyone. – Ernesto,TorrentFreak
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