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New Jersey Investigating Comcast’s Use Of HD Fee To Raise Basic Cable Rates

Ultimately, the question is whether or not these fees count as rate hikes — not just for customers with the lowest-cost tiers, but for all pay-TV subscribers. Comcast maintains that the HD Tech Fee is simply a surcharge for customers who “possess High Definition equipment to enable access to high definition service.” Almost all cable channels now readily available in HD; manufacturers aren’t really making standard-definition TV sets or anymore, and you don’t see set-top box makers pumping out brand new SD receivers. – Chris Morran, Consumerist

Why it might be illegal to show Game of Thrones at your local bar

[I]s it legal to broadcast HBO in your bar? Or Netflix? Or the World Series? Surprisingly, it depends. Start with an ordinary terrestrial HDTV broadcast of Game 1 of the World Series on FOX. That’s legal provided that: (1) you don’t charge for admission; (2) your food or drinking establishment has less than 3,750 square feet of space; and (3) you have no more than four televisions showing the broadcast, none of which are more than 55 inches. (See 17 U.S.C. § 110(5)(B)(ii) if you want to check for yourself.) […] The Verizon FiOS Terms of Use provide you no cover: “You agree to use the Service only for your private non-commercial use and own personal viewing enjoyment. The Programming distributed via the Service may not be viewed or otherwise displayed in areas open to the public…” Time Warner Cable gets more personal: “You may not share our in-home Services or related Software with any person who is not a member or guest of your household or to persons outside your premises.” […] Netflix kills the party in 6(b) of its surprisingly readable Terms of Use: “The Netflix service, and any content viewed through our service, are for your personal and non-commercial use only … You agree not to use the service for public performances.” Pretty clear there. – David Boag,BOAG LAW, PLLC via Gigaom
(Full Story: http://bit.ly/1peFuvt )