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‘Stranger Things 3’ Is Most-Watched Season to Date, Netflix Says

In the first four weeks of release, “Stranger Things” season 3 was watched by 64 million member households, Netflix said in the Q3 letter to shareholders. The company previously boasted that 40.7 million accounts watched the show in the first four days of its July 4 debut, marking its biggest-ever audience for a movie or TV series in a four-day window. – Todd Spangler, Variety » https://trib.al/UJnLLE8 [photo: Netflix]


Roku shares crater over 19% after analyst predicts the cost of streaming devices is going to ‘zero’

After running up over 330% this year, Roku shares have cooled in September. However, even after this week’s drop, the stock is up nearly 690% from its IPO price of $14 a share. The stock has been one of the most volatile among technology companies this month as the battle in digital streaming continues. – Michael Sheetz, CNBC » https://cnb.cx/31I9bd6

75 Percent of Video Streaming Users Don’t Plan On Subscribing to New Services

Most telling, however, was the almost even breakdown across current users of Netflix (75.3 percent), Amazon (73.4 percent), Hulu (76.3 percent), HBO Now (the outlier at 63.6 percent), and CBS All Access (74.6 percent) who don’t plan on subscribing to any new services. These proportions are sure to change as new big-budget streaming originals premiere, content rights battles are waged, and bidding wars intensify between big players in this increasingly crowded market. But for now, PCMag’s survey found that most users are content with the streaming options they already have. – Rob Marvin, PCMag » https://trib.al/nINtKUZ [photo: PC Magazine]

Plex is a Pirate’s Dream But Could Also Build Bridges to Legal Content

If one knows where to look, so-called P4S (Plex For Share) services are available that make Netflix’s multi-billion dollar offering look like a second-class citizen. And after handing over the cash or requesting a free trial, users can be accessing huge – HUGE – libraries of content in a matter of minutes. – Andy, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/34Ks4hv
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