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This Bot Will Tweet at Comcast Whenever Your Internet Is Slower Than Advertised

It’s common knowledge that ISPs rarely deliver the internet speeds consumers are paying them for. But one man has finally reached the limits of his patience, and wrote a script that tweets complaints at Comcast every time his internet speed drops below a certain point. […] “I know some people might say I should not be complaining about 50 Mbps down, but when they advertise 150 and I get 10-30 I am unsatisfied,” AlekseyP wrote. Comcast customer service reps regularly respond to the tweets hours later, but Aleksey never gives them his info. He wants to prove a point. – Rachel Pick, MOTHERBOARD    

Videos taken down from Vimeo for using the word “Pixels”

photo: Columbia Pictures

According to a complaint by NGO NeMe, which uploaded a video called “Pixels” in 2006, video creators are also being issued “strikes” along with the takedown. When a content creator receives three of these strikes, their channel will be suspended from the site. Mark Cersosimo of Vimeo told NeMe, “I’d suggest filling a counter notice. This is in the hands of our trust and safety team and we unfortunately our support team cannot help you with this issue.” – Michelle Starr, CNET

Colleen Ballinger Sings To Her Trolls And The Money They’ve Made For Her

photo: Colleen Evans, Youtube

YouTube star Colleen Evans (AKA Colleen Ballinger, as well as Miranda Sings) handles comment section criticism like a pro. With over 2.5 million subscribers, Evans just had to write a song about her trolls to show her strength. The tune, which calls out the trolls’ poor grammar and bullying, reveals a positive side of the negativity (at least for Evans). – Chris Huqueriza, Women’s Rights News via The Daily Dot

Twitch tackles foreign language trolling you didn’t even notice

photo: camknows, Flickr

When you set your native tongue in “Broadcaster Language Mode,” only folks who choose your selected language can chat. Basically, it’s a way to help prevent people from using a different language to say stuff that’d otherwise get them banned. It’s optional for hosts, you turn it on via the broadcaster dashboard or options — and it works on mobile too. – Timothy J. Seppala, Engadget

Pandora CEO: Apple Music has had ‘no impact’ on our business

photo: BGR

[I]t’s perhaps a bit too premature to start wondering whether or not Apple Music has what it takes to put a dent into Spotify and Pandora’s respective bottom lines. With respect to Pandora in particular, CEO Brian McAndrews recently said during an earnings conference call that the threat posed by Apple Music, at this point, is much ado about nothing. Not only does McAndrews not see Apple Music as a viable threat today, he doesn’t believe it will pose much of a threat in the long-term either. – Yoni Heisler, BGR