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Data leak exposed millions of Time Warner Cable customers

MacKeeper developer Kromtech has discovered that BroadSoft, a frequent partner to service providers, was storing over 4 million Time Warner Cable customer records on Amazon cloud servers without a password. The records, which stemmed from the MyTWC mobile app, date as far back as November 2010 — years before Charter bought TWC. The information included email addresses, user names, financial transactions (though there’s no indication of credit card data) and billing addresses. There was even closed-circuit camera footage from BroadSoft’s Indian offices, as if to rub salt in the wound. – Jon Fingas, Engadget http://ift.tt/2x2HzDX

Charter Disconnects Some Former TWC Subscribers Mid-Day, Demands More Money

One customer the Herald-Leader featured was in the middle of watching a show when suddenly his screen went dark. He picked up his remote and changed the channel to find that several other channels from his lineup were also suddenly missing, replaced with a message that said they were no longer a part of his package. […] When he reached a representative, they told him that he wasn’t paying enough for the standard cable package, anymore. If he wanted his channels back, he’d have to start paying $139 every month instead of $103 — an increase of nearly 35%. Oh and P.S., he’d need to pay $24 for a tech to come out and replace his cable box[.] – Kate Cox, Consumerist http://con.st/jEEXzJq

Time Warner’s Jeff Bewkes Made $32.6M In 2016, Up 3.6%

The board gave [Jeff Bewkes] credit for everything from arranging the $85 billion sale of Time Warner to AT&T, to the success of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. He did so well in directors’ eyes that they awarded him 147% of his target bonus — 145% for the 70% related to the company’s performance, and 150% for the remainder tied to his individual work. – David Lieberman, Deadline Hollywood http://ift.tt/2oQSfN8

The FCC won’t let Charter/Time Warner put data caps on internet plans

If you’re a broadband subscriber at one of those companies, here’s what that means for you: Go ahead and stream all you want, all the time — your internet company can’t penalize you for bandwidth consumption. New rules from the Federal Communications Commission mean that Charter Communications “will not be permitted to charge usage-based prices or impose data caps” for at least seven years after the merger. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

Anti-Charter/TWC Form Complaints Flood FCC

The merger docket is by far the most active, with over 40,761 comments filed in the last 30 days (the special access proceeding is second at 3,688). […] There are countless such form complaints-and at a minimum many hundreds posted in the past couple of days–which stem from a nomoremergers.com Web site that allows web surfers to submit it to the FCC with a click of a mouse (and a name, address, e-mail and Zip Code). In fact, in a random check of 25 of the most recent comments (posted Feb. 18), all 25 were that same online petition. The site was showing a big spike in activity over the past two days. – John Eggerton, Multichannel News

Time Warner Cable, AT&T lose yet another battle against Google Fiber

Time Warner Cable and AT&T recently joined forces to actively campaign against a plan that would open the door for Google Fiber. Of course, both companies would be in direct competition with Google, assuming Google Fiber rolls out in Louisville, Kentucky in the near future. Specifically, legal representatives of both companies were attempting to prevent Google, and other high speed Internet providers, from accessing city-owned utility poles. This tactic didn’t work though. The city council voted unanimously to provide Google with access and allow the Google Fiber representatives to run fiber-optic cable capable of delivering gigabit speeds around the city. – Mike Flacy, Digital Trends

After NY OKs merger, Time Warner Cable raises rates

Time Warner Cable is raising its Internet and TV rates for customers in New York state just a 10 days after getting approval from state regulators for its $55 billion merger with Charter Communications. [TWC]’s standard TV package will increase from $76.99 a month to $78.99 a month. […] There are also new prices for the company’s basic and standard Internet services, which will now be $49.99 a month and $59.99 a month, although it is unclear what the current prices are for those offerings. The cost of a Digital HD, DVR or HD DVR set top box and remote is rising from $6.98 a month to $8.50 a month. – Larry Rulison, Albany Times Union

TWC Moves to Take on Sling TV & It May Be a Good Deal for Some Cord Cutters…

It looks like TWC is going to join other cable networks, like Charter, and roll out their very basic package as a streaming service. […] So what do you get for $9.99? Although their site does not list every channel because it will depend on where you live, local channels like CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, TBS, TWC News, and the CW Network seem to all be part of the $9.99 package of 20+ stations. – Cord Cutters News

HBO Isn’t Netflix. Which Is Why It Should Stay With Time Warner.

While HBO sort of looks like Netflix — HBO has about 95 million subscribers and probably generated $5.6 billion in revenue last year; Netflix has 70 million subs and probably did $6.8 billion — Wall Street loves Netflix because Netflix is growing very, very fast. And HBO isn’t[.] – Peter Kafka, Re/code
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