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Tyler The Creator Likens Apple’s U2 Download To “Waking Up With Herpes”

Tyler the Creator seems to be the latest person to get vocal with disgust over Apple’s recent “gift” of U2 to the public. Following their most recent iPhone presentation, Apple’s Tim Cook surprised everyone with the gift of the band’s newest album, Songs of Innocence, treating it like the special dessert at the end of the meal. Instead, people are treating it like a turd in the punch bowl. […] Tyler warmed up to the idea a bit later, referring to the idea as “sick” at one point before returning to his original thought of “f*ck Bono.” It was perfect. I know I felt that way when I saw a free U2 album magically appear on my iTunes. And not out of some noble feeling of privacy or choice, I just don’t know having random music added to my account. – Andrew Roberts,UPROXX
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/YJ5vHp )