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‘Friends’ Tops List of U.K.’s Most Popular Streaming Shows

Compiled by British media watchdog Ofcom, and based on a survey of 2,500 viewers, the list saw Friends – which was added by Netflix in January and is also broadcast daily on Comedy Central in the U.K. – have twice as many episodes streamed in the first three months of 2018 that its nearest rival, Amazon’s Jeremy Clarkson-fronted motoring show The Grand Tour. Netflix’s multi-million dollar and Emmy-winning original, The Crown, meanwhile, came in third.- Alex Ritman, The Hollywood Reporter https://ift.tt/2vUeyat

The 10 best selling albums in the world in 2015 – and UK artists released half of them

Music consumption in 2015 increased 12.9 per cent including streaming of music videos, [British Phonographic Industry] numbers show, but income from sales and streaming fell 0.9 per cent to £688 million. Ad-supported streaming platforms, of which YouTube is the main one, contributed only 4 per cent, or £24.4 million, of total United Kingdom record industry revenues even though they have grown 88 per cent year-on-year to make up a fifth of all streamed music. – Hazel Sheffield, The Independent

Streaming Services Signal the Downfall of DVDs in the UK

photo: eMarketer

May 2016 data from Strategy Analytics illustrated just how far—and how quickly—the market for DVDs has fallen in the UK. According to the research, DVDs (either rented or bought) accounted for 75% of the home video market in 2011. By 2016, that proportion had dropped to 40%, and the company predicted that this would slump even further, to just 13% by 2021. – eMarketer

Netflix dominates UK VOD growth

Enders Analysis says the 37% growth takes the subscription service to 5.2 million subscribers, and ahead of the 1.3 million VOD-enabled homes added by fixed-line telcos Sky (including NOW TV), Virgin Media, BT (Telecom) and TalkTalk. SVOD homes overlap with pay-TV accounts, and are topping up content for family members, not cord-cutting. – Julian Clover, Broadband TV News

Man arrested in pirate set-top opp

In raids, supported by the Metropolitan Police Service, a business in Walthamstow and a home in Hornchurch were searched. There, a 38 year old man was arrested on suspicion of making/supplying articles for use in fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and two further offenses contrary to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act and Proceeds of Crime Act. […] Officers also seized over 500 IPTV set top boxes which are suspected of being illegally modified to allow access to subscription only channels. – Julian Clover, Broadband TV News

OTT video is growing in Europe

OTT video usage in Western Europe is continuing to expand, with 55% of UK broadband households and 51% in France watching TV programming and movies online, compared to 70% in the US. However, the number of paid subscriptions in Europe is significantly lower, where 30% of broadband households in the UK and 17% in France subscribe to OTT video, compared to 64% of US broadband households. These figures are from Parks Associates Research in their latest OTT Video Market Tracker Service Update. – Broadband TV News

Netflix hits 5m subscribers to become UK’s top streaming service

Last week figures from the TV ratings body Barb showed Hastings’ vision had become reality in the UK. Barb estimated that more than 5m British homes subscribed to Netflix in 2015, compared with 1.6m for rivals Amazon Prime Instant Video and fewer than 1m for Sky’s internet service Now TV. […] hat means Netflix is now in nearly a quarter of UK households, with 1.4m joining the streaming service in 2015 alone to watch hit series such as the political thriller House of Cards. Business research company IHS forecasts Netflix will have about 7.5m subscribers in the UK by 2019. – Tara Conlan, The Guardian

BBC and ITV in talks to launch a Netflix-style streaming service

The BBC/ITV plan, which multiple sources have described as at a very early “explore and evaluate” stage, fits into director general Tony Hall’s “open BBC” pledge as part of a reshaping of the corporation for the digital age in the next charter renewal period. If the service does get off the ground, it could open up a crucial way of further monetizing BBC content, an important strategy as the corporation looks to find £800m in annual savings. – Mark Sweney, The Guardian

DAB radio gets 12 extra stations in the UK

DAB Radio was always intended as a natural successor to AM and FM radio, promising better audio quality, easier tuning and extra station information. The technology has never quite delivered though, with countless reports of poor coverage in rural areas. The UK government is trying its best to fix the problem, but in the meantime other forms of delivery are taking hold — streaming over the web, for instance, is becoming increasingly viable both on the move and in the home. – Nick Summers, Engadget
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