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AT&T lost 1.16 million video subscribers in Q4

The company said it lost 945,000 premium video subscribers from its DirecTV and U-verse businesses and another 219,000 subscribers to its AT&T TV Now streaming video service. All together the company posted a net loss of 1.164 million video subscribers during the final quarter of 2019. – Ben Munson, FierceVideo ยป https://ift.tt/37AiTRS

DirecTV, U-verse Negotiations with Station Groups Stretch Into the Night

photo: Getty Images, Variety

The contract battles over the carriage fees paid for the right to retransmit local stations come at a time of disruption for the players on both sides of the negotiating table. MVPDs are worried about cord cutting and increased competition from subscription streaming services. Broadcasters are dealing with the impact of declining live ratings and heightened competition for local advertising dollars. – Cynthia Littleton, Variety

Netflix Streaming Improves for AT&T, Verizon

In July, AT&T’s U-verse average speed was 1.44 Mbps, followed by its DSL service with 1.11 Mbps. For August, the U-Verse speed took a dramatic turn for the good with an average of 2.61 Mbps. The DSL service also saw a slight increase with an average speed of 1.81 Mbps; still not ideal, but better. […] On the Verizon front, its FiOS service had an average speed of 1.61 Gbps, and its DSL service had an average speed of 0.97 Mbps in July. For August, the speeds jumped up to 2.41 Mbps and 1.31 Mbps, respectively. Time Warner Cable also saw a slight increase, moving up from 2.16 Mbps in July to 2.59 Mbps in August. – Kevin Parrish,Tom’s Hardware
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AT&T now offers gigabit internet service in Apple’s backyard

AT&T is the first broadband provider to offer gigabit home internet service in Silicon Valley. More specifically, the company announced that its U Verse service in Cupertino, California will support upload and download speeds of up to one gigabit, using all fiber technology in the near future. Cupertino is where Apple’s headquarters are located, and it’s not far from many other titans of the tech industry that call Silicon Valley home. – Dan Seifert,The Verge