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Ultraviolet Cloud Movie Locker to Shut Down (EXCLUSIVE)

Ultraviolet, a cloud movie locker once hailed as Hollywood’s best bet to get consumers hooked on digital movies, is shuttering. The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the industry consortium that has been tasked with running Ultraviolet, will shut down the service on July 31. – Janko Roettgers, Variety » http://bit.ly/2RoQllr

Ezyflix finds streaming not so Ezy, shutters digital services

photo: Ezyflix

Customers heading to the Ezyflix.tv website are greeted by a notice confirming the service’s closure […] Ezyflix was one of the leading shopfronts for the UltraViolet digital service, launching Australia’s first disc-to-digital service last year. While customers will no longer be able to access their UV files through the Ezyflix portal, fortunately the way UltraViolet works means that other UV portals will still offer your collection of movies and TV shows. – Nick Broughall, TechRadar

Forget The Pirate Bay and Netflix: This might be the best way to watch movies online

Dubbed Wavelength, the new service lets people stream virtually any movie they desire, though there are some caveats. In order to get access to movies, users who sign up for the service should either convince their friends to register as well, or make connections inside Wavelength. What actually happens inside the service is that users can watch a friend’s collection of purchased movies, as long as those movies are also stored in the UltraViolet cloud locker system. – Chris Smith, BGR
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Singer: ‘Majority streaming UltraViolet’

[T]he former Chief Digital Strategy Officer, Sony Pictures Entertainment [Mitch Singer] admitted that consumers ultimately had to decide what they want to do with the content. “What we’re finding with UltraViolet is a majority are streaming, and very few are downloading. When we started UltraViolet, we thought it was going to be a download model, and a lot of technical planning within [Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem] was for common file formats for downloading, so consumers could access their content across devices by downloading. Within the last four years, streaming has completely taken over. It’s about access, not downloading,” he noted. – Colin Mann,Advanced Television
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