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Amazon launches music streaming service in the UK

photo: Reuters/ AP

Amazon has entered the UK streaming market with the launch of Prime Music, a new service available to Amazon Prime customers as part of their annual £79 subscription. […] Amazon’s library of one million songs is not on par with Apple or Spotify, which each boast more than 30 million tracks. However, Prime Music customers will also have access to the CDs or MP3s they have bought at Amazon’s store – including those on the Universal label. – BBC News

Police Shut Down Spain’s Top ‘Pirate’ Streaming Sites

Following a complaint filed by 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Paramount and Sony, police in Spain have shut down two of the country’s leading ‘pirate’ video streaming sites. Officers arrested two men who are said to have made more than a million euros in revenue. […] The latest action involves two of the region’s largest streaming sites, peliculaspepito.com seriespepito.com. The portals had a combined audience of 2.5 million visits per month, with Seriespepito.com taking the larger share as Spain’s 69th most popular site. – Andy,TorrentFreak
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Amazillions Are Streaming Music Via Amazon Prime | TechCrunch

Amazon Prime Music currently has over 1 million tracks and is heavy on playlists, and as we pointed out in our previous story, is still lacking in some regards: no content from Universal Music and a clunky user experience that requires tracks to be added to your library before you can play them.[…] App Annie puts the Amazon Prime Music app ranking on iOS at number 9 in music, and 68 overall; on Android it’s 6 in music and 50 overall; and 5 and 125 in the Amazon Appstore. Its reviews however are less than stellar, with less than three stars on Apple’s App Store, as pointed out by Appsfire. – Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/1ljEQst

YouTube to Launch Paid Streaming Music Service

The Google company will now compete with other music streaming companies such as Spotify, Rhapsody and Apple Inc. Big labels such as Universal Studios Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group have already signed up for the service, which is expected to launch late summer. […] [N]ot everyone is excited about YouTube’s new paid service. Some indie labels that are not willing to pay for the service will be blocked off the channel. Labels such as XL Recordings, with artists including Adele and Arctic Monkeys, have not agreed with YouTube’s terms. In addition, the nonprofit indie music association, Impala, has already filed a complaint on the new service to the European Commission. – Marcia Villavicencio, Liberty Voice http://ift.tt/1uPawqx