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Verizon is desperate to convince us that unlimited data plans are dead

photo: Verizon, BGR

This is a little strange because all of Verizon’s major rivals offer unlimited data plans in some form and they don’t seem to have problems finding enough cash to invest in network upgrades. As I’ve noted in the past, data caps like the ones Verizon uses are a crock that aren’t necessary for proper network management and that only serve to boost carriers’ wireless margins. – Brad Reed, BGR

AT&T raises unlimited data cap from 5GB to 22GB

photo: Geek.com

According to AT&T’s updated support article on unlimited data plans, users can now transfer a whopping 22GB before being throttled if they’re surfing in a “congested area.” That’s a 340% increase, and a very, very welcome change for AT&T customers with grandfathered plans. You can’t get an unlimited data plan from AT&T any more: AT&T stopped offering them way back in 2009. – Lee Mathews, Geek.com

AT&T finally ramps down throttling of unlimited LTE customers

AT&T’s long-standing policy of throttling LTE service for unlimited data customers has finally been changed so that customers are throttled only when they connect to congested cell towers. […] LTE users with unlimited data plans have seen speeds drop below half a megabit per second when being throttled by AT&T. By imposing this draconian throttling policy, AT&T encouraged customers to switch to more expensive plans introduced in the years after AT&T stopped selling unlimited data to new subscribers. Despite AT&T claiming that it needs to throttle unlimited users in order to “manage” its network, it allows customers on limited plans to use far more than 5GB a month without being throttled as long as they pay for a bigger allotment. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica