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Verizon is desperate to convince us that unlimited data plans are dead

photo: Verizon, BGR

This is a little strange because all of Verizon’s major rivals offer unlimited data plans in some form and they don’t seem to have problems finding enough cash to invest in network upgrades. As I’ve noted in the past, data caps like the ones Verizon uses are a crock that aren’t necessary for proper network management and that only serve to boost carriers’ wireless margins. – Brad Reed, BGR

Verizon is about to ruin the Internet

Verizon is going to start rolling out its own “sponsored data” program next year in which companies can pay money to have their data not count against customers’ monthly data limits. […] This is very bad news for the open Internet, even though Verizon is claiming that the rates it charges in its program will be “affordable.” If Verizon successfully makes itself the gatekeeper of what apps and websites have their traffic count against the cap, it sets up a completely unnecessary toll for upstart companies. – Brad Reed, BGR

Verizon trots out analyst to say unlimited data is bad for customers

Monthly data limits can help prevent congestion, to a point. But as we’ve previously explained, caps are less effective than other methods because they impose limits even when users aren’t in congested areas or using the network at peak usage times. Carriers do have systems that throttle speeds only during times and places of congestion, making it clear that caps are more about creating differentiated pricing tiers than keeping the network running smoothly. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

Verizon Backs Off New Data Throttling Policy After FCC Pressure

Verizon Wireless has ditched its controversial plan to begin slowing down data speeds for certain customers, just as the new policy was about to take effect, […]. The reversal by Verizon comes after Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler criticized the new plan, and represents a small, if clear, victory for the FCC chief. In a statement, Wheeler praised Verizon’s decision to abandon the plan, which many critics called tantamount to “throttling.” […] The big wireless providers like Verizon and AT&T vehemently oppose the application of net neutrality to their networks, and it’s possible that Verizon’s decision to drop its “network optimization” plan represents a tactical concession designed to ward of tougher regulation under the FCC’s new Open Internet rules. – Sam Gustin,MOTHERBOARD
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Live streaming NFL games coming from Fox Sports, but with caveats

FOX Sports recently announced that it will stream 97 regular season games via Fox Sports GO, albeit with a slew of caveats. First, as mentioned, the streaming will only be available as a perk to select cable subscribers. Second, viewers will only be able to check out the games broadcast in their local market […] Fox isn’t the only way North American fans can grab their weekly football fix online. This season, Verizon Wireless subscribers will have an expanded set of games they can stream to their smartphones, including CBS and Fox Sunday afternoon games being broadcast in their home market, as well as the playoffs—including the Super Bowl. – Ian Paul,TechHive
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Big four carriers accused of violating the only remaining net neutrality rule

The court vacated anti-blocking and anti-discrimination rules, but it left in place a requirement to disclose accurate information about network management practices and performance. Consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge today sent letters to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless accusing them of violating the transparency rule. – Jon Brodkin,Ars Technica