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T-Mobile Now Lets You Stream Video Without It Counting Toward Your Data

photo: Gizmodo

[F]or its tenth event, T-Mobile went big. Say goodbye to video streaming nomming away your data. […] [CEO John Legere] just confirmed things during an event in LA, describing the move as “disrupting the scam” that is cellular data. It works a lot like Music Freedom, which T-Mobile introduced in June last year. It works with 24 different services including Netflix, HBO , Hulu, Sling TV, WatchESPN, Vevo, and all kinds of others. T-Mobile calls the service Binge On. It’s all free. Obviously, the biggest missing link is YouTube, but T-Mobile says they’re working with Google on getting YouTube in the program. […] Binge On is available starting November 15 for existing customers and November 19 for new plans, and if you can get Sling TV 30 percent of now if you’re on T-Mobile. – Darren Orf, Gizmodo

Vessel Raises Another Big Round to Help Fund Its Fight With YouTube

Vessel has raised close to $58 million in a new round led by Institutional Venture Partners; the funding comes less than a year after Vessel raised $77 million from Greylock Partners, Benchmark and Jeff Bezos, all of whom re-upped for this round. […] There’s a lot of skepticism in the industry about Vessel’s model, but a lot of interest, too. At a minimum, today’s money means the experiment will continue for that much longer. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

Vessel Subscription-Video Site Launches To The Public

For $2.99 a month, Vessel subscribers will get exclusive early access to new video from dozens of content providers, including Sports Illustrated, Alec Baldwin, Machinima, boy band Boyce Avenue and major beauty vlogger Ingrid Nilsen (aka, Missglamorazzi). […] Since announcing the service last month, Vessel has signed on more video creators and content partners, including Anna Akana, Roman Atwood, Tanya Burr, Epic Meal Time, Equals Three, Explosm Entertainment, Connor Franta, Nerdist Industries, Arden Rose, Jimmy Tatro, Brittani Louise Taylor, UnboxTherapy, Jack Vale, and Wassabi Productions. Other previously announced creators include Warner Music Group, A+E Networks, YouTube stars Shane Dawson, Marcus Butler and Caspar Lee, and Jay Z‘s Life + Times. – David Bloom, Deadline Hollywood
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Would you pay to get your YouTube videos three days early?

The former Hulu CEO is looking to get videos of YouTube stars with a three-day window for his new startup Vessel, which is set to launch in the next few weeks, according to an AdAge report. [Jason Kilar] has been trying to strike deals with 100 to 200 of YouTube’s top creators, according to that report, offering them cash in return for a windowed release strategy that would have them release their videos on Vessel three days before they’re allowed to also upload them on YouTube. – Janko Roettgers,Gigaom
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Former Hulu CEO Kilar names his well-backed startup … but what is Vessel?

Eighteen months after leaving his CEO post at Hulu, Jason Kilar on Tuesday announced a name for his anticipated new content startup, Vessel, as well as some powerful backing. […] Kilar referenced lead investors including Benchmark, Greylock Partners and Bezos Expeditions, which is headed by his former boss, Amazon.com founder and chief Jeff Bezos. […] So is Kilar’s new venture a video-on-demand play meant to compete with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, as well as the pay TV industry? – Daniel Frankel, Fierce Cable http://ift.tt/Tko54Z