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Razer takes on living room streaming with Forge TV and Turret lapboard

Like other game streaming solutions—namely Valve’s Steam In-Home Streaming and Nvidia’s GameStream—Razer’s streaming software works by rendering a game on a host device (your existing rig), encoding that as a video stream with the help of the graphics card, sending that data over a local network to a client device (the $100 Forge TV), and decoding it with less powerful hardware. The Forge TV runs an Android OS on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 (the same SoC in the Samsung Galaxy S5), which has a quad-core Krait CPU clocked at 2.5GHz and an Adreno 420 GPU to do the heavy decoding work. The Forge TV has 16GB of internal storage, though you probably won’t use much of that, since the entire point of the device is streaming from a more powerful PC. – Wes Fenlon, PC Gamer
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Now you can play 2,400 MS-DOS classics in your browser

The Internet Archive has gone live with a collection of nearly 2,400 MS-DOS games that are playable directly in your browser. The gory details of the project can be found over at the blog of the man behind the project, Jason Scott, but the long and short of it is that now anyone can play games like Duke Nukem 3D, Lemmings 2, The Lost Vikings, Cannon Fodder 2, Wolfenstein 3D, The Incredible Machine 2, Total Carnage, Tyrian (video game), Red Baron and Raptor: Call of the Shadows without installing DOSbox or even a browser plugin. – Eric Lindvall, The A.V. Club 
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PlayStation Now is coming Samsung smart TVs

In a press release Sony and Samsung gave a brief overview of this partnership. Sometime in the first half of next year, the PlayStation Now application will be available for download on Samsung’s Smart Hub. Select Samsung Smart TVs will run the app, and pair with a DualShock 4 for gameplay. It’s unclear exactly how widespread support will be on Samsung’s televisions, but it’s promising to see Sony working with other hardware companies. – Grant Brunner,ExtremeTech

Steam unveils game live streaming to compete with Twitch

Steam has today unveiled a new beta feature called ‘Broadcasting’ that allows you to stream your games to your friends — just like on Twitch — directly from Steam’s client. […] Broadcasting only starts when someone jumps in to watch and ends when the game is quit, however users have the option to also broadcast their desktop to stop the stream from ending. Steam broadcasts are only available live at launch and can’t be saved for later. – Owen Williams,The Next Web
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Will Redbox’s 25% Price Hike For DVD Rentals Hurt Its Bargain Image?

The jump to $1.50 per night from $1.20 takes effect on December 2, […] And while that’s still just pocket change, it could make some consumers question whether it’s worth the trek to a local kiosk instead of staying home and paying a bit more to queue up a movie on a cable, satellite, or streaming VOD home entertainment service. Redbox last raised the price of its once-famous $1-a-night DVD rentals in 2011. […] In addition to the change for DVDs, Redbox will increase the price of Blu-ray disc rentals to $2 from $1.50. Video games will go to $3 from $2 beginning January 6. This is the first time the company has raised the rental price for Blu-ray and games. – David Lieberman,Deadline Hollywood
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