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You can now try streaming service Vessel free for a year

Late last year, former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar showed off Vessel, a premium streaming service aimed at building new businesses for YouTube stars and other popular video creators. For $2.99 a month, Vessel gives subscribers early access to the videos that will eventually be posted to YouTube and elsewhere. Following an invitation-only public beta, Vessel is now available to everyone — and if you sign up in the next 72 hours, you can get it free for a year. […] It remains to be seen whether fans will pay extra for early access to their favorite web stars. And there’s a second looming question: if Vessel is successful, how will YouTube respond? If there turns out to be a billion-dollar business in serving what is essentially windowed YouTube content, you can assume Google will have something to say about it. – Casey Newton, The Verge
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