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Netflix Pledges to Cut Back Smoking Depictions in Original Productions After Group Blasts ‘Stranger Things’

In response, Netflix said that going forward, all new shows it commissions with ratings of TV-14 or below (and all films rated PG-13 or below) will exclude smoking and e-cigarette use, except for “reasons of historical or factual accuracy.” The streamer also said new projects with higher ratings will not depict smoking or e-cigarette use “unless it’s essential to the creative vision of the artist or because it’s character-defining (historically or culturally important).” – Todd Spangler, Variety » https://trib.al/98w3Cql

The streaming video industry needs more data about audience viewing

photo: The Video Ink

Beyond curiosity, viewing data reveals what sort of content consumers are interested in — information that could be used to power native advertising efforts. For content creators, it too would be useful to focus on buzzy programming trends. It also would help put a lid on third parties who use all sorts of methods to estimate audience totals for shows on Netflix, Hulu and others. – Allen Weiner, Videoink News

ComScore to Start Tracking Mobile Viewing Figures This Week

ComScore, Inc. will this week begin tracking viewing habits across multiple platforms, including mobile and tablets. […] The move is a bid to broaden its offering and ultimately take on Nielsen’s TV rating system. Like comScore, Nielsen also failed to account for digital viewing figures until recently[.] – Ben Woods, The Next Web 
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Netflix U.S. Viewership of Original Series Surges in Q3: Study

The number of the streamer’s U.S. subs who have watched Netflix originals like “Orange Is the New Black” rose markedly over the six-month span between Q1 and Q3 this year, according to a new study by research and consulting firm Centris Marketing Science. In the third quarter of 2014, 72% of domestic subs said they have watched at least some Netflix original programming, up from 57% in the first quarter of the year, Centris found. […] There are some caveats on the latest Centris study. The stats only indicate whether Netflix users have ever watched its original programming, not how many individual titles they’ve viewed. Also, the study did not measure how satisfied customers were with the content. – Todd Spangler,Variety
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Streaming Services Join the Nielsen Family

Nielsen says it will begin monitoring viewership numbers of online subscription video services (SVOD) from next month, including industry leaders such as Netflix and Amazon.com’s Prime Instant Video. Despite Netflix and other streaming sites refusing to disclose viewership figures, Nielsen can analyze each program’s audio components to determine which show is being streamed, according to documents seen by The Wall Street Journal. […] “Our clients will be able to look at their programs and understand: Is putting content on Netflix impacting the viewership on linear and traditional VOD?” Nielsen Senior Vice President Brian Fuhrer told the Journal. – Helen Regan,TIME
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