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Top Vine Stars Want Twitter To Pay Them

Vine’s six-second format has spawned a lively creative community, but it hasn’t built an advertising infrastructure to support those creators, and some of them are looking for change. According to BuzzFeed, several top Vine personalities recently met with the platform’s parent company, Twitter, to discuss the possibility of compensation for their work. […] Many big names in the six-second community have also established channels on sites like YouTube, where they can take advantage of both ad revenue and branded content deals. Should Twitter decline to open up its checkbook, Vine stars would be likely to devote more of their resources elsewhere. – Sam Gutelle, Tubefilter

How cord cutting is changing the nature of audience reach

photo: Matthew Hurst, Flickr

When YouTube first launched, content creators had leeway, because major corporations weren’t paying attention to what was going on in the space. But today, companies like Disney are now leveraging their content to an online audience, and view platforms like YouTube as a legitimate medium to engage viewers. So naturally, we’re seeing these “YouTube Personalities” migrate to other platforms like Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, and other emerging formats to find the space needed for a new grassroots movement. – CEO Frank Sinton, Beachfront Media via Gigaom

‘Legend of Zelda’ gets a legendary claymation adventure

While the rest of us were wasting our lives, a Vine user named Johnny McHone has spent the last two months making an incredibly detailed stop-motion animation adventure starring Link from The Legend of Zelda. […] Once finished, McHone compiled all 29 short films into a full video. The whole animation is barely 3 minutes long, which is still basically the Vine equivalent of War and Peace. – Aja Romano, The Daily Dot
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