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Vinyl Record Sales Experienced Double-Digit Growth Once Again Last Year

Last year, vinyl sales grew by an even more impressive 20 percent. The format now accounts for 13.7 percent of all physical music sales, up from just eight percent two years ago. This is partially attributable to the decline of CDs, which saw sales fall 18.5 percent from last year. Still, consumers purchased over 60 million physical CDs last year, compared to less than 10 million vinyl records. – BuzzAngle Music via Chris Mench, Genius http://bit.ly/2SFpnY3

Music streaming encourages record sales, new report suggests

A report by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) finds that 37 percent of streaming subscribers say that using such services has increased the amount that they spend on downloads. 66 percent of those surveyed described themselves as ‘multi-channel’ consumers, with 13 percent of people claiming that streaming had led them to buy more CDs, while 19 percent said they purchased more vinyl because of streaming. – Luke Morgan Britton, NME Magazine

Vinyl brings in more money than YouTube for UK music labels

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YouTube views aren’t translating into profit for British musicians, and even vinyl sales are bringing in more money. According to The Guardian, that is what British music industry association’s (BPI) head honcho, Geoff Taylor, claimed when he spoke at the Music Futures conference in England. – Mariella Moon, Engadget

Vinyl Record Revenues Have Surpassed Free Streaming Services Like Spotify

photo: Sarina Finkelstein/Getty Images, Time

In the new millennium, all physical music sales have been hemorrhaging market share thanks to iTunes pushing digital downloads out into the legal mainstream, and Spotify and other digital streaming services bringing whole catalogs to phones at a touch. But underneath the staggering 32.5% decline in revenues for CD sales according to RIAA’s 2015 mid-year stats, there is one stunning figure: vinyl’s revenues have grown 52.1% over the last year. – Ethan Wolff-Mann, Money Magazine

Music streaming doubles a streans reach 15 billion in a year

A report by the BPI, the trade body which represents the nation’s record labels, found that 14.8 billion songs were played on streaming services in 2014, while 73 tracks were played more than 10 million times – compared to just 7 in 2013. […] The BPI’s report also revealed a slow-down in the rate of decline of CD album sales and vinyl sales reaching a 20-year high at 1.3 million sales in 2014, as listeners adopt a “multi-channel” digital/physical approach to music consumption. – Rob Copsey, Official UK Charts

Latest IFPI Global Digital Music Report: Streaming Subscribers Now At 41 Million

The IFPI, the organization that represents record companies across the globe, just released its annual Global Digital Music Report showing that worldwide digital music sales equaled physical sales for the first time. Digital revenues grew 6.9% last year to $6.9 billion USD, which represents 46% of total revenue, exactly the same as physical sales of CDs and vinyl. […] The IFPI report estimates that a full 20% of Internet users still visited unlicensed music P2P file sharing networks, cyberlockers and aggregators, down from 26% in 2013. It’s entirely possible for that number to increase again if a free streaming option is no longer available, making music piracy once again a front burner issue. – Bobby Owsinski, Forbes

Streams and vinyl sales double while music downloads dwindle

While digital album and song sales continued their downward spiral, record sales have more than doubled since last year. All this is according to Nielsen SoundScan, which reports that the 9.2 million wax tally is the highest since it started tracking sales in 1991. For context, however, digital sales still bested physical by a massive margin (CDs weren’t broken out, according to The Wall Street Journal), with 106.5 million albums downloaded in 2014. Meanwhile, individual song sales dipped 12 percent compared to 2013. Streaming services, on the other hand, vaulted with 164 billion songs streamed last year, a 54 percent increase over 2013. – Timothy J. Seppala,Engadget
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Why Music Streaming Hasn’t Stopped Vinyl Sales

2014 is the year of streaming music. In the first half of 2014, on-demand music streaming increased 42%, with audio-only streams (i.e., no YouTube videos) increasing 50.1%, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s an acceleration over last year, when streaming saw a 24% increase in the same period. On‐demand streams surpassed 70 billion songs in the first six months of 2014, according to Nielsen. The rise of streaming has come at the cost of CDs and, more notably, digital downloads. But vinyl continues to grow, and grow quickly. Vinyl sales increased over 40% in the first half of the year, accelerating from a 33.5% increase in the same period last year. […] Vinyl is still a very small part of the market, accounting for just 1.8% of album unit sales. Streaming accounted for 20.6% of unit sales based on Nielsen’s equivalent album rate of 1,500 streams to one album. Vinyl’s growth is more of a threat to CD sales than it is to digital formats. – Adam Levy,The Motley Fool
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