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Netflix pleads with people to stop doing the ‘Bird Box’ challenge

One viral meme shows a blindfolded family paddling away in their bathtub. Another shows a family running through their living room and one managing to hit the wall instead. There are numerous videos of random people walking blindfolded in cities like New York because sure, why not. One person put a hat over his head while driving. – Kirsten Korosec, TechCrunch https://tcrn.ch/2Tq14NP

Are YouTube’s Algorithms Fueling Creator Burnout?

YouTube’s platform changes have exacerbated the problem, according to industry execs and creators. Its recommendations are critical traffic drivers, leading to approximately 70% of overall watch time on the service. The updates in how the Google-owned video platform recommends content have spurred creators to work at an even more feverish pitch — some clocking 80- to 100-hour workweeks just to maintain their status, according to one talent agent. Others have turned to ever-crazier stunts to get clicks, with a few abandoning the bounds of good taste. And the amount of content uploaded to YouTube keeps growing, making competition for eyeballs even more intense. – Todd Spangler, Variety https://ift.tt/2LDm8fA

Judge rips lawyers in IP rift over viral Facebook childbirth video

“No reasonable lawyer with any familiarity with the law of copyright could have thought that the fleeting and minimal uses, in the context of news reporting and social commentary, that these defendants made of tiny portions of the 45-minute video was anything but fair,” US District Judge Lewis Kaplan of New York wrote. – David Kravets, Ars Technica http://ift.tt/2t15HEj

Seattle Police Department suspends its Twitch channel following Charleena Lyles controversy

[A] Twitch channel called Fuzzfeed206. While the effort likely intended to make the city’s officers more available to the Seattle residents, it backfired when its public affairs director Sgt. Sean Whitcomb used Twitch to address questions surrounding the death of Lyles, a pregnant woman shot and killed by officers in her home after reporting a burglary. – Taylor Hatmaker, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/2sCU2Lf

Australian man in trouble for livestreaming PPV boxing match to tens of thousands of people

One of boxing’s biggest problems in the last decade or so is the proliferation of so many fights on pay-per-view, where fans have to pay upward of $70 to watch their favorite boxers. As such, some fans who have the cash to pay their cable company or satellite providers for the event end up livestreaming it on Facebook Live or Periscope so people around the world can watch for free. – Josh Katzowitz, The Daily Dot http://ift.tt/2k8CFLh

Why YouTube’s biggest stars keep quitting

Vlogging, as a format, is hardly on the wane. But in many ways it’s now recognized as a means to an end. “Brand revenue and business opportunities are flooding into the influencer space from the video and display advertising markets,” says Jonathan Katz, an entertainment attorney who represents a lot of YouTube talent. “By its nature, daily vlogging is not a scaleable business model, and once a creator has developed an engaged audience, there are much more valuable opportunities for the creators to pursue.” – Ben Popper, The Verge http://ift.tt/2g2k5m3

‘I’m a 21-year-old who’s a millionaire through gaming, vlogging, and my online experience. Yo,…

As a teenager, Olajide Olatunji played EA Sports’ line of FIFA video games for hours on end in his parents’ home. In 2009, he began uploading footage of himself playing and commentating to YouTube, under the username KSIOlajideBT: a combination of a Halo franchise clan, his first name, and “British Telecom.” After a year, “KSI” — as he became known — garnered 7,000 subscribers. Another year later, that number tripled. His boisterous, goofy nature captured fans around the world. […] As of March, 8.892 million people were subscribed to his YouTube channel, making it the second-most-watched channel in the UK, according to Vice. His videos have captured 1.5 billion views. – Melia Robinson, Business Insider

YouTube Star Bethany Mota Takes Stake in BeautyCon

YouTube fashion and beauty vlogger Bethany Mota, who has 8.4 million followers on the Google video site, has invested an undisclosed stake in BeautyCon, which is looking to grow beyond its roots as a live conference into a media brand. Mota, who was one of the YouTubers who recently interviewed President Obama after his State of the Union address, was a big draw at the 2014 BeautyCon in Los Angeles. She’s also been featured in ad campaigns from YouTube, and has a deal with Aeropostale for her own branded line of clothing, accessories and perfumes. – Todd Spangler, Variety
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