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Sony lands Viacom programming for streaming-TV service

Viacom will make 22 of its television channels available on an Internet-only streaming television service from Sony, possibly representing a turning point for major pay-TV companies as they struggle to deal with younger generations of people who simply don’t see the value in paying for cable. […] Sony has worked to bring aboard programming from Discovery Communications, Time Warner, and other potential partners. Bloomberg reported Walt Disney Co. and 21st Century Fox have also had talks about bringing programming to Sony’s service. – David A. Arnott,Minneapolis-St Paul Business Journal  
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Comcast, Other Cable TV Firms Now Broadband First

Comcast is on track to serve more Internet subscribers than video customers in 2015, which already is the case with Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. In Q2, the top cable TV firms lost 510,000 video subscribers but gained 381,000 broadband customers, says research firm LRG. […] As cable system operators become more broadband focused, analysts say the triple-play product bundle may take less of a marketing role. Some cable firms already have tried packaging broadband services, limited local and basic channels, and Time Warner’s subscription-based HBO into lower-priced deals. […] Pay-TV competition continues to ramp up. Satellite TV broadcaster Dish Network plans to launch an Internet TV service, backed by programming content from Walt Disney Studios and A&E, by year-end. […] Verizon Communications, which bought Intel’s online TV platform in January, also is readying an OTT offering, analysts say. […] Cable operators usually charge more for broadband as a stand-alone product than as part of a phone, Internet, video triple play to make up some of the lost video revenue, notes a Moody’s report. […] Moody’s [Karen Berckmann] says many cable firms have upped Internet speeds at a given price level for free, aiming to raise customer loyalty and migrate customers to higher-priced broadband in the long run. – Reinhardt Krause,Investor’s Business Daily
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Amazon stops pre-ordering Disney DVDs; streaming orders still accepted

In early May, Amazon started delaying shipments of Hachette titles for no stated reason — a book that Barnes and Noble shipped within 24 hours would take several weeks to arrive if you ordered it on Amazon. But why? Not until May 27 did Amazon admit, in an announcement posted in its Kindle Forum, that it was having a contract dispute with Hachette over what prices to charge for books. Now it appears Amazon is giving Disney properties the same treatment. Home Media Magazine first noticed late last week that the pre-order option for almost every upcoming Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment DVD or Blu-Ray title (such as Captain America: the Winter Soldier and Maleficent) vanished from Amazon. Amazon customers can still pre-order these movies in streaming video form; they just can’t pre-order a DVD, Blu-Ray or any other physical copy of the movie. – Jennifer Abel,Consumer Affairs