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‘Jessica Jones’ Creator to Exit for 8-Figure Warner Bros. TV Deal (Exclusive)

Jessica Jones’ creator and showrunner will depart the Netflix Marvel drama after season three and move to Warner Bros. Television with an overall deal. Sources say the indie studio outbid Netflix for Rosenberg’s services in a deal that ultimately is worth in the eight-figure range. Ultimately, Rosenberg was ready to do something different and was ready to move on to new projects though Netflix is said to have courted her to stay. – Lesley Goldberg, The Hollywood Reporter https://ift.tt/2w3ieri

Web content producer BiteSize making move into network TV

BiteSize‘s move into network television illustrates how online content creators are expanding their audiences in conventional media. “TMZ” and “TMZ Live,” which air on FOX’s TV stations in major markets, both evolved from digital property TMZ.com but are produced by Warner Bros. Pictures. ” “Pop Sugar Now,” on the TV Guide Network, and “HollyscoopTV,” a nationally syndicated entertainment magazine show, were inspired by Web productions on PopSugar.com and Hollyscoop.com. – Saba Hamedy,Los Angeles Times

Offerings From Boutique Streaming Services

For this weekend, we’ve chosen six sites (from among the hundreds of possibilities) and highlighted one current offering from each — a Scottish mystery, a Korean reality show, a movie by a Japanese cult director, an American TV classic, the new Hal Hartley film — that isn’t available from any other streaming service in the United States. If water cooler currency is your goal, stick with “Orange Is the New Black.” But if you like the idea of discovering something the rest of America isn’t already talking about, you can find it here. – Mike Hale, The New York Times http://ift.tt/1qynQjO

YouTube to Launch Paid Streaming Music Service

The Google company will now compete with other music streaming companies such as Spotify, Rhapsody and Apple Inc. Big labels such as Universal Studios Entertainment, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group have already signed up for the service, which is expected to launch late summer. […] [N]ot everyone is excited about YouTube’s new paid service. Some indie labels that are not willing to pay for the service will be blocked off the channel. Labels such as XL Recordings, with artists including Adele and Arctic Monkeys, have not agreed with YouTube’s terms. In addition, the nonprofit indie music association, Impala, has already filed a complaint on the new service to the European Commission. – Marcia Villavicencio, Liberty Voice http://ift.tt/1uPawqx
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