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‘The First,’ Starring Sean Penn, Canceled at Hulu

The series has a 68 percent rating among critics and 79 percent among viewers on RottenTomatoes.com. Hulu, like fellow streamers Netflix and Amazon, does not release viewership information. – Lesley Goldberg, The Hollywood Reporter » http://bit.ly/2FC75Ei

B-OUYA! Guess who just got a $10 million investment from Alibaba?

[T]here’s a whole nation of people who are just now hearing of OUYA for the first time: China. That’s because Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba reportedly dropped $10 million into OUYA’s coffers within the last month, according to The Wall Street Journal — an investment in trade for bringing OUYA’s platform to Alibaba.com’s set-top box. That’s quite an investment considering OUYA’s poor-to-tepid response in the United States[.] – Ben Gilbert, Engadget 
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Netflix expansion ahead of schedule

Netflix now expects to complete its global expansion over the next two years, while staying profitable. […] In a statement accompanying its latest set of results, the company says that acceleration from the (around) 50 countries it is currently present in to 200 “is largely made possible by the tremendous growth of the internet in general, including on phones, tablets and smart TVs. – Chris Dziadul, Broadband TV News
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CBS chief says the network may stream live NFL games on its mobile app

While broadcast television has diminished significantly in the streaming age, it doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon as long as it has NFL games, which accounted for 26 of the 30 most watched television programs this fall. But a new report from The Hollywood Reporter offered signs that CBS may be preparing to loosen the broadcast TV chord a bit. During an appearance at UBS’ 42nd annual Global Media and Communications Conference, CBS CEO Les Moonves said the network could someday add NFL games to its digital subscription service, CBS All Access. […] Judging by Moonves’ statements, the question isn’t if NFL games will be added to All Access but when. “We currently do not have the NFL on (All Access),” Moonves said, “but once we add that, that could change the price point, or the NFL could share in some of that revenue.” CBS pays the NFL $1 billion a year to broadcast its games, not including the additional $275 million it paid to broadcast eight Thursday Night Football games for 2014. – Keith Nelson Jr,Digital Trends 
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Lionsgate and Tribeca film studios are launching a new streaming service

Now Hollywood is entering the streaming craze. Lionsgate and Tribeca Enterprises said Monday they will jointly launch an online video service during the first half of next year for movies made by them and outside studios. Called “Tribeca Short List,” the online streaming service comes just days after HBO and CBS rattled the television industry with their announcements of stand-alone streaming services like Netflix. – Cecilia Kang,Washington Post

Seven confirms talks as TV networks line up over video streaming

The venture, known as StreamCo, will be owned 50:50 by [Nine Entertainment Co.] and [Fairfax Media] . The service is expected to launch in the current financial year and will offer a range of local and international programming along with Nine’s own content to subscribers for a fixed monthly subscription fee. The move is a response to rapidly changing consumer habits, as increasing numbers of people spend less time watching linear television and more watching instant downloads of videos and movies. It is also an attempt to secure a foothold in the market before US giant Netflix, which has more than 200,000 users in Australia, tries to launch officially in the country. – Jake Mitchell & Dominic White, The Sydney Morning Herald  
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