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Saavn launches music streaming app for Microsoft Windows 10

photo: Saavn

Saavn for Windows will be launching as a Universal Windows app with an adaptable layout for desktop and tablet. The company also plans to launch the mobile app when Windows 10 for mobile is launched later this year. Music listeners on Windows will be able to access Saavn’s core products and features such as phonetic search, dynamic bit-rate streaming, and more. – Tech2.com

Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 PCs arrives today

The feature is part of a new Xbox app for Windows 10, and it simply lets you remote control an Xbox One console. It’s designed to be used on a local network and for someone to play an Xbox One game on a Windows 10 laptop in another room. That does mean you can’t watch Netflix or TV on the Xbox One and have someone remotely play games in another room all at the same time. […] Both Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers will be supported, but racing wheels or flight sticks are not supported just yet. Once Microsoft’s Xbox wireless adapter is available later this year, Windows 10 users will be able to use Xbox One controllers wirelessly. Most importantly, mouse and keyboard input will not be supported to play Xbox One controller-based games. – Tom Warren, The Verge

PC-to-Xbox One Game Streaming Has To Happen, And Will Accelerate The Death Of Steam Machines

Xbox One to PC streaming – a feature already announced by Microsoft for Windows 10 — is an awesome perk. But let’s not kid ourselves, we want the reverse to be true. We want that two-way synergy between our Windows-based console and our Windows PC. And if $99 Android boxes can stream your entire PC game library, there is absolutely no technical reason Microsoft can’t implement streaming of your PC games to Xbox One. Especially if they want to secure their place as the focus of the living room. – Jason Evangelho, Forbes 
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Microsoft To Bring Xbox One Game Streaming to Windows 10 Devices Later This Year

Microsoft wants to make your Xbox one a local game server for all your Windows 10 devices, the company announced today. Xbox lead Phil Spencer showed off the new feature on stage today in Seattle at Microsoft’s special event, playing Forza Motorsport on Xbox One and streaming it to a Surface 3 where he controlled and viewed it remotely. – Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch
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