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Xbox One gets Miracast streaming support with new update

Microsoft is finally enabling Miracast support on Xbox One. While the company’s gaming console has long included the ability to stream individual files from Windows PCs, Miracast support will enable Xbox One owners with Android phones, Windows phones, and Windows PCs to cast photos / video straight from devices to the console or simply mirror a screen. […] Live TV streaming is also entering preview, allowing Xbox One owners with a digital TV tuner to stream content to tablets, phones, and PCs. – Tom Warren, The Verge

WatchESPN sports streaming arrives on Windows Phone

WatchESPN has finally reached Windows Phone, giving you a way to view all the big ESPN channels and catch up through on-demand clips. You’ll still have to show that you subscribe to a supporting TV service to get access. If you’re part of that select group, though, you no longer have to worry about missing out on a big game just because you prefer Microsoft’s mobile platform. – Jon Fingas,Engadget  
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CBS Apple TV App Launches with Free Live Streaming

CBS television network, it has launched a live-streaming service that works for the Apple TV, as well as the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Windows Phone, and Windows computers. Plus, it’s available on any computer by visiting CBSNews.com. The app provides a completely free live-streaming experience without the need for a cable subscription, which makes it one of the very few live streaming apps delivering this kind of service. The is ad-supported, which is the only caveat that we know of. […] This new app makes CBS News just one of the very few apps that actually offer live streaming for free and without any prerequisite. Most free live streaming apps (if not all of them) require that you have a cable subscription in order to take advantage of their features, which kind of defeats the purpose, as someone who wants to live stream content is most likely a user who doesn’t have cable. – Craig Lloyd,GottaBeMobile.com 
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CBSN: About the streaming network

CBS News and CBS Interactive today launched CBSN, the first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV and other devices. At launch, the network is available 24/7 and makes all of the resources of CBS News available directly on digital platforms with live, anchored coverage 15 hours each weekday. […] CBSN will be available on CBSNews.com and its mobile website, key connected TV devices including Amazon Fire TV, Roku players and Roku TV™, and others, as well as the newly launched CBS News app for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8/8.1 available through the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. CBSN will also be available on the CBS News apps for Android and other leading platforms before the end of the year. – Prnewswire via CBS News
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Roku Screen Mirroring Isn’t Ready for Prime Time

I went hands-on with the Roku Streaming Stick to try out its new screen mirroring function for Android and Windows Phone 8 devices and PCs running Windows 8.1. […] Still a beta feature, Roku’s screen mirroring uses Miracast/WiDi technology, which has had an extremely mixed track record every time I’ve tried it. This application was no exception. […] I tried a second Roku Streaming Stick to see if I could replicate my results, but this device would not connect with any of the four devices. After contacting Roku, I received a prompt response and learned that the company is developing a patch for the freezing bug, which will roll out to all users once it’s completed. Roku engineers could not replicate my issues with the HTC One M8, but said that they had not yet tested the Dell XPS 13 and could not vouch for its performance. The company is still in the process of ironing out screen mirroring’s bugs before the service’s official launch, on a date it has not yet specified. – Marshall Honorof,Tom’s Guide
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Spotify finally launches free music streaming on Windows Phone

Spotify released an update to its app for Windows Phone users that allows them to get free, ad-supported music streaming. The update finally brings the app to rough parity with its siblings on iOS and Android, which got the ability to stream gratis in December of last year. Like the capability Spotify brought to its other mobile apps, users can listen to a shuffled version of an artist’s entire discography on demand, or listen to playlists they’ve made or pre-selected. It’s not quite unlimited, on-demand streaming – which the company reserves for Premium subscribers – but it does provide free users more than just access to Spotify Radio like they had in the past. – Blair Hanley Frank,GeekWire
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Nokia MixRadio spins out of Microsoft as standalone streaming music service

MixRadio will continue to be preloaded on smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone software, but it will also have the freedom to explore other platforms like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. […] On Windows Phone, MixRadio is available in 31 countries. Nokia has never published details of how many people are using it, although [Jyrki Rosenberg,MixRadio] said the app currently has “millions of happy customers”. As an independent company, MixRadio will now have the freedom to launch on Android and iOS, which between them have a huge share of the smartphone and tablet market. – Stuart Dredge, The Guardian http://ift.tt/1yAo4tM

This Could Be Our First Look at Mozilla’s Chromecast Competitor

Gigaom’s Janko Roettgers got an exclusive […] with the Firefox OS-powered streaming device, and it seems like Mozilla’s competitor offers many of the same capabilities as Chromecast and Roku. But unlike Chromecast, which restricts certain types of content and is only open to Android, iOS, and web app developers, Mozilla’s system would assumedly be completely open to developers’ whims. That means Mozilla’s device could offer casting capabilities to Windows Phones and Amazon Fire Phones. And it could offer hardware and software integration that’s only limited by a hobbyist’s imagination. – Robert Sorokanich, Gizmodo http://gizmo.do/WJS5SJk