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July Xbox One Update Gets You Ready For Game Streaming And Backward Compatibility In Windows 10

photo : Luke Hayfield, Flickr

Microsoft says that the update, simply called the July Xbox One Update, will be prompting users to download the software starting this week. However, users should not expect any new features to come with the update since it is simply meant to prepare the console for Windows 10 game streaming and for backward compatibility with the titles that are available on the Xbox 360. – Menchie Mendoza, Tech Times

Xbox One gets Miracast streaming support with new update

Microsoft is finally enabling Miracast support on Xbox One. While the company’s gaming console has long included the ability to stream individual files from Windows PCs, Miracast support will enable Xbox One owners with Android phones, Windows phones, and Windows PCs to cast photos / video straight from devices to the console or simply mirror a screen. […] Live TV streaming is also entering preview, allowing Xbox One owners with a digital TV tuner to stream content to tablets, phones, and PCs. – Tom Warren, The Verge

Microsoft Brings OTA TV to Xbox One Users in North America

The offering, currently available to those in the invitation-only preview program, is a partnership between Microsoft and Hauppauge, a TV tuner manufacturer. Xbox One users can purchase a Hauppauge tuner for $79.99 and an HDTV antenna, and upon installation, they’ll receive on-screen instructions on how to set up the device to sync within Xbox. Microsoft says it is planning to offer a lower cost model at $59.99 in the coming months. – Natt Garun, The Next Web

Xbox Music will now play your music stored in OneDrive

With OneDrive offering 100GB of storage for $6.99 a month, unless you’re a die hard music fan, you’re going to have plenty of room to keep all, if not most, of your music in the cloud service and still have space left over for other things.

Google does a similar thing with its music service by offering users free storage for 50,000 songs. But, you can’t listen to it through your Xbox while you’re fragging your friends. – Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web

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Sling TV brings streaming channels to Xbox One with 1-month trial

Xbox one owners who want to ditch their cable connection have a new tool to speed them on their way today. […] Pricing for Sling TV starts at $20 for the “Best of Live TV” package that includes 17 channels. Users can also choose to add additional channels through the service’s Sports Extra, News Extra, Kids Extra, Hollywood Extra and Lifestyle Extra packages, which each cost $5 a month. People who own an Xbox will also get a whole month to try out the service, which is longer than the one week trial timeframe that’s available to other customers. – Blair Hanley Frank, GeekWire
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PC-to-Xbox One Game Streaming Has To Happen, And Will Accelerate The Death Of Steam Machines

Xbox One to PC streaming – a feature already announced by Microsoft for Windows 10 — is an awesome perk. But let’s not kid ourselves, we want the reverse to be true. We want that two-way synergy between our Windows-based console and our Windows PC. And if $99 Android boxes can stream your entire PC game library, there is absolutely no technical reason Microsoft can’t implement streaming of your PC games to Xbox One. Especially if they want to secure their place as the focus of the living room. – Jason Evangelho, Forbes 
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Microsoft To Bring Xbox One Game Streaming to Windows 10 Devices Later This Year

Microsoft wants to make your Xbox one a local game server for all your Windows 10 devices, the company announced today. Xbox lead Phil Spencer showed off the new feature on stage today in Seattle at Microsoft’s special event, playing Forza Motorsport on Xbox One and streaming it to a Surface 3 where he controlled and viewed it remotely. – Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch
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Xbox One October update rolling out: DLNA streaming and more

This month’s Xbox One update is rolling out now, and with it comes a large roster of improvements, as well as some new features, among them being additional SmartGlass functionality and improved account security. […] For some, the best news is that DLNA streaming has arrived in the Media Player app, and joining that is handy support for MKV format videos, which can also be played via a USB device if preferred. – Brittany Hillen,SlashGear
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First Hour of Sunset Overdrive Streaming This Weekend

Best Buy has announced today that the first hour of Sunset Overdrive will be streamed on the Xbox Twitch Channel from 2:30-3:30 pm PT on Saturday, October 11. The company is also hosting a live event for the game in Los Angeles, California where attendees will be able to play the multiplayer mode, along with participating in giveaways for gift cards, Xbox One consoles and skateboard decks. Sunset Overdrive releases exclusively on Xbox One October 28, 2014. – Alex Carlson,Hardcore Gamer 
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Plex on Xbox One makes streaming your torrented movies easy and elegant

Microsoft and Sony started off with nonexistent media center capabilities, which was a big disappointment to people with massive digital movie and TV show collections. But thankfully Xbox One is already starting to turn things around. There’s Microsoft’s own media player app (which will soon support high-quality MKV files) and tomorrow Plex is coming to Xbox One. […] Plex Media Server is a free download for PC and Mac, but the best aspects are reserved for Plex Pass subscribers. You can either pay $4.99 monthly, $39.99 each year, or plop down $149.99 for a lifetime subscription. Benefits include Plex Sync, which lets you download content to your phone or tablet to bring with you on long flights or the daily work commute. There’s also Cloud Sync, which uploads media files less than 2GB to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive so they can be watched anywhere you’ve got Wi-Fi. Other throw-ins include easy access to HD movie trailers and free downloads of the Android and Roku apps. For now, being a Plex Pass subscriber is the only way you’ll be able to use the company’s new Xbox One app. – Chris Welch,The Verge
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