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Roku shares plunge after Comcast announces free streaming box and Facebook launches TV device

Roku shares fell 13.7% on Wednesday after Comcast announced a new deal for cord cutters and Facebook unveiled a new device that can stream TV shows. Netflix closed down 2.4%. – Annie Palmer, CNBC » https://ift.tt/2AwT3iJ

Comcast Xfinity heads to Roku and Samsung TVs without a box

photo: Engadget

Comcast explains that this is not an over-the-top streaming service, but rather a way for its customers to access programming without the traditional set-top box. While Roku and Samsung are the first to jump on board, the cable company is open to adding new partners as well. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive word on when the Xfinity TV integration will launch, as Comcast offered the vague “later this year” timing estimate. – Billy Steele, Engadget

Comcast brings cell-phone-like data charges to home Internet users

photo: Mike Mozart, Flickr

Internet service providers like Comcast have been champing at the bit to change their business model and charge consumers by the bit the way wireless providers do. Comcast’s initial allowance seems generous — some notes sent to users say it’s unlikely they will hit the cap based on their prior usage — but it’s easy to imagine that’s temporary. The Internet keeps birthing high-bandwidth applications like streaming HD video. Users will ultimately run into these caps. And there’s nothing to prevent Comcast from lowering the limit going forward. – Bob Sullivan, GeekWire

Comcast now lets any of its customers stream live video to friends’ TVs

photo: The Verge

Xfinity Share initially launched back in May, but at the time it was only available to people paying for a Triple Play package. Now anyone who subscribes to a Comcast service will be able to use the app. Unfortunately, the app’s key feature — streaming to others’ TVs — is limited by the fact that it only works on TVs that are connected to one of Comcast’s X1 DVRs, so most people won’t be able to receive a broadcast that way. The app can also be used to stream video from one phone to another; although, at that point, you’re basically just video chatting[.] – Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

Xfinity Games beta: Surprise, Comcast and EA can’t solve streaming games services

photo: Ars Technica

If Comcast is controlling the pipeline for its games service (which avoids the Wi-Fi issues of other streaming services thanks to the X1’s direct wall plug), it’s doing a lousy job so far during the beta. We’re already losing precision thanks to these inexact controls where moves don’t trigger until our gesture has finished. Now we have a whole half-second delay—the worst delay of any modern game-streaming service we’ve tested, if only by a hair or two—to account for, as well? Thanks but no thanks. – Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica

Comcast Customers Sue Cable Giant For Making Their Home Routers Into Wifi Hotspots

Of course Comcast customers can connect to Comcast wifi at home. That’s the point. But Comcast wants Comcast customers to be able to connect to Comcast wifi no matter where they are. To that end, they’re building a massive nationwide network of hotspots for their Xfinity customers… by using their other Xfinity customers as a source. The service has been controversial since Comcast first announced it, and now that controversy has turned into legal trouble. […] In response, two Californians have filed a class-action suit in San Francisco claiming that by creating this network, Comcast is “exploiting them for profit.” Even more so than Comcast’s standard business model of exploiting customers for profits. – Kate Cox, Consumerist.com
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1vKs6QN )

Comcast won’t join the internet TV crowd, but still looks to test video service

Dish Network and Sony may be close to launching their internet-based TV services, but Comcast has no plans to join them any time soon. The company doesn’t want to target viewers outside of its cable footprint with an internet-based TV service, confirmed Comcast CEO Brian Roberts during a press event in San Francisco Wednesday. “We are not looking to do that,” he said. […] So what stops Comcast from offering the same to internet service subscribers of Cox Communications, Cablevisión or any of its other competitors? Roberts argued Wednesday that the company sees its infrastructure as an integral part of its Xfinity line of products. Another answer may be that cable TV comes with much smaller margins than phone or broadband, so it makes sense for Comcast to use its TV service as a way to sell those more lucrative services – something that its competitor Dish can’t do because it doesn’t have its own pipes in the ground. […] However, Comcast still has some online video plans of its own: Comcast Video Services VP Matt Strauss confirmed at the sidelines of the event that the company is still looking to bring online video programming to its X1 set-top box. – Janko Roettgers,Gigaom
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Comcast launches TV streaming for colleges, to rival Cambridge’s Philo

Today, Comcast announces that it has debuted a service to let college students watch live streaming TV over the Web and mobile, with two Boston-area colleges offering it to start. The service, XFINITY On Campus, resembles one already offered by Cambridge startup Philo. Five colleges will make the service available this fall, among them Emerson College in Boston and Lasell College in Newton. MIT and the University of New Hampshire will also be running a trial of the service with students this fall, Comcast said. – Kyle Alspach,Beta Boston
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