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YouTube unveils Music Key subscription service, here’s what you need to know

Starting today, web and Android (iOS is coming soon) users will see a new music hub in YouTube. Here you’ll find playlists, recommendations, trending songs/artists or just a quick route to that one darn track you can’t (but please) stop playing — all that usual stuff. […] YouTube Music Key is the paid service we’ve been hearing about, and launches as a beta today in the US (plus Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland and the UK). The service costs $10 (or £10/10€) a month, and gives you ad-free playback, the ability to listen in the background (essential for mobile users), offline music , endless playlists (like Spotify song-based radio stations) and — most significantly — access to the entire Google Play Music library. In short, one subscription gets you in to both of Google’s large music platforms (video and audio). – James Trew,Engadget 
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This Is YouTube Music Key, Google’s Upcoming Subscription Service

YouTube is set to launch a service called YouTube Music Key, and Google is set to rebrand Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key. […] YouTube Music Key will offer a 30-day free trial to start, after which the service will run $9.99/month. Interestingly, that price will evidently include both YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key. We can’t be sure right now if early adopters of Play Music All Access will continue to enjoy a discounted subscription rate [.] – Liam Spradlin,Android Police