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South Korea ponders YouTube tax

Currently the payment is equivalent to 2% to 4% of their ad sales. As more ads move towards the OTT market OTT market there has been criticism that OTT service providers should share the tax burden. – Louise Duffy, Rapid TV News » https://ift.tt/2L1hl9w


YouTube shuts down music companies’ use of manual copyright claims to steal creator revenue

The problem with the Manual Claiming policy is that it was impacting creator content even when the use of the claimed music in videos was very short — even a second long — or unintentional. For example, a creator who was vlogging may have walked past a store that was playing the copyrighted song, but then could lose the revenue from their video as a result. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch » https://ift.tt/33Adybr

YouTube’s new AR feature lets you virtually try on makeup while watching videos

Makeup tutorials are hugely popular on YouTube, so an integration where you can try on the suggested looks yourself makes a ton of sense. While a lipstick try-on feature isn’t exactly groundbreaking — plenty of social media apps offer a similar filter these days — it could lead to more complex AR makeup integrations further down the road. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch » https://tcrn.ch/31M7afL

“Sextortion” Via ‘Fortnite’: How Video Games Can Open Doors for Predators

Roughly 211 million Americans play video games, according to a 2018 NPD report. Of that group, 28 percent are under 18. “We [used to see] sextortion cases on Facebook because that was the medium children were using,” says Greenburg Glusker partner Priya Sopori, who previously worked at the Department of Justice’s Project Safe Childhood initiative, which combats technology-enabled crimes against children. “What we see now is a shift more to video games as the behavioral model changes for children.” – Patrick Shanley, The Hollywood Reporter » http://thr.cm/p0OwNN

LGBTQ Creators Sue YouTube Over Alleged Discrimination

In their lawsuit, these creators allege that YouTube regularly labels their videos as offensive or sexually explicit simply because of their sexual orientation. They also allege that their videos are regularly being demonetized, that YouTube changes their thumbnail videos, and excludes them from content recommendations, resulting in suppressed view counts. – Janko Roettgers, Variety » https://trib.al/eJIab23

Youtube’s Moderators Say It’s Not Your Imagination: Popular Creators Do Get Away With More

These moderators, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, described a tumultuous workplace where superiors often overruled their attempts to flag inappropriate content when videos involved prominent Youtube stars. You know, the ones you always see making headlines for all the wrong reasons, such as Logan Paul, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, and Steven Crowder. Arguably the people at least partially responsible for bringing in Youtube’s nearly 2 billion viewers per month. – Alyse Stanley, Gizmodo » https://ift.tt/2KEYQr5

The Navy taps YouTube creators for its latest recruiting campaign

So the Navy worked with its agencies, VMLY&R and Wavemaker, along with Google, to identify YouTube creators with a focus on science, technology and math, then invited those creators to highlight different technical roles and environments. Specifically, Kevin Leiber (a.k.a. Vsauce2) filmed aboard a nuclear submarine, Jake Koehler (a.k.a. Dallmyd) worked with an explosives specialist and William Osman talked to a cybersecurity team. – Anthony Ha, TechCrunch » https://tcrn.ch/2KxM0ek
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